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Project Manager - PWA

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Project Manager - PWA

Project Manager

The Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) ــ Project Management Unit in Gaza invites experienced & qualified Palestinians to apply for the following position in the Project Management Unit (PMU).

Project Manager

Gaza Central Desalination Program – Associated works - Reconfiguration of Water Supply Infrastructure

Project Background:

The proposed project is a package of the Gaza Central Desalination Program (GCDP). The GCDP covers all Gaza and comprises two main components: (i) construction of a desalination plant with initial capacity to produce 55 MCM a year of desalinated water that can be doubled in the future; and (ii) construction of a north-south water carrier, including storage reservoirs to convey and properly blend the desalinated water with groundwater sources to achieve water supply meeting WHO guidelines for potable water. The latter component is referred to as “Associated Works.”

The package focuses on the implementation of the bulk water network reconfiguration in Northern Gaza. The purpose of the project is the provision of a reliable, safe and more affordable water supply for the population in three municipalities in the Northern Gaza Strip (City of Gaza, Jabalia, Beit Lahia) as well as strengthening the climate resilience capacities.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) represented by the Ministry of Finance has received financing from the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany through the KfW Development Bank (“KfW") in the form of a financial contribution toward the costs of the Gaza Central Desalination Program –-Reconfiguration of Water Supply Infrastructure and from the EU Delegation for the Implementation of the component “Al Montar Connection Point Improvements”. The Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), acting as the Project Execution Agency (PEA) of the Recipient and referred to as the “Employer”, intends to apply a portion of the proceeds for supporting the Project implementation and management capacity of the implementing institution.

The PWA is considering the recruitment of a qualified Project Manager (PM) who will contribute to the successful implementation of the project on project management and fiduciary as well as environmental and social aspects.

Project Components:

The program comprises of four KfW components and one EU component. In detail:

  • Component 1: Improved Supply of Bulk Water to the Municipality of Jabalia
  • Component 2: Improved Supply of Bulk Water to the Municipality of Gaza City
  • Component 3: Improved Supply of Bulk Water to the Municipality of Beit Lahia
  • Component 4: Connection to Mekorot Water Company
  • Component 5: Accompanying Measures


  1. The PM will be assuming the overall responsibility for the work and performance of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU). The PIU will consist of 6 staff as part of the overall PWA PMU.
  2. The tentative tasks of the PM are outlines as follows:
  3. Supervise PIU staff in the performance of their respective duties and ensure the efficient functioning of the unit.
  4. Planning, managing and coordinating the various project activities.
  5. Acting as the main link between PMU, KFW, the project's consultants and civil works contractors during project implementation.
  6. As the main KfW focal point, coordinate project related activities and decisions internally within PWA before communicating with KfW.   
  7. Keep KfW informed in timely manner about progress and obstacles that might arise during implementation.
  8. Follow-up and supervise the tasks and duties of the PIU.
  9. Ensure that all technical, financial, administrative as well as environmental and social safeguards, written instructions, communications and records as deemed necessary in the Project and Financing Agreement are initiated, issued and kept orderly and systematically.
  10. Keep the PWA informed about the progress of works, the financial status of the project and other important issues and development.
  11. Prepare, or as appropriate supervise the preparation of, brief monthly reports and comprehensive quarterly reports on work progress, the financial status of the projects and important issues and developments that arise in the course of project implementation.
  12. Handing over a complete set of documents and records to the Bulk Water Supply Unit at the end of the construction contracts, containing all technical and financial details of the execution of the project. Review and approve the consultant’s and the contractors’ invoices.
  13. Ensure that the Senior Admin & Finance Control Specialist is provided with the necessary information to perform his duties.
  14. Any other tasks as requested by the PMU General Director in relation to the proposed project.
  15.  Project Manager will report to the PMU General Director, then the reports will be sent to KFW after revision.
Essential Required Qualifications, Skills, knowledge and Competencies:

  1. Bachelor degree in project management, engineering, procurement, or comparable and equivalent fields
  2. At least 7 years of work experience in project management with similar size.
  3. Knowledge and/or experience in KFW Procurement and Safeguards Guidelines and national rules and legislations in the field of procurement and safeguards are an added value.
  4. Knowledge and/or experience in institutional reforms in public entities is an add value.
  5. Fluent in spoken and written English.
  6. High computer literacy mainly in Microsoft Office Package (Word, Excel Power Point and MS Project) and strong communication and reporting skills.
  7. Ability to work in a team and act as team leader
  8. Hold a valid Driving License
 Time Frame and Contract

The duration of the assignment is one year. The contract is extendable as demand necessity. The assignment will be on a full-time basis.

We encourage diversity in our workplace and support an inclusive work environment. Women candidates are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are kindly requested to fill in and attach their CV’s and cover letter to the Form below before 16/03/2023 at 15:00 PM.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted