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Business Manager - MA’AN

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Business Manager - MA’AN

  • Position Title: business manager
  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Report to: project manager
  • Duration:  8 months

Job Summary:

In the framework of the Project “Strengthening the Resilience of Gaza’s Population (GRP)” funded by the German government through GIZ, MAAN is implementing the project: "Strengthening the Resilience of Deir Al Balah Youth through Self-Sustained Services". The project aims at establishing a protected space for young female and male Gazans to provide self-sufficient socio-economic community services including a space for skills development and green innovation. The project targets Deir El Balah area of 53,000 people including one Refugee Camp. A new model of community service center will be established and managed as a social enterprise to sustain the community support/innovation services. Thus, it contributes to enhancing the resilience and increasing the capacities of the most vulnerable groups in Deir Al Balah. The project measures include building and equipping a community support center with a space for eco-farming skills development/innovation to provide relevant services and other community support services which are sustained by the agri-business activities. They also include running and managing an agri-business as a social business to sustain its mandated community services. In addition, the project will offer the young community of Deir El Balah agricultural entrepreneurship/skills development/innovation services.

MA’AN Development Center is seeking a competent and highly qualified business manager to manage and lead the operations of the agri-business activities in the project.

The main duties include:

  1. Being responsible for achieving the business goals and objectives.
  2. Plan and manage the daily business operations ensuring effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. Manage project budgets, billing, collections, and the financial performance of the business units.
  4. Supervise the daily work of business staff and provide feedback to improve productivity and enhance quality.
  5. Maintain good business relationships with all key stakeholders including partners/vendors/suppliers.
  6. Ensure the work facility is safe, free of security issues and in compliance with all safety requirements.
  7. Identify sales targets and develop marketing strategies that are in line with the business objectives.
  8. Assessing and identifying new opportunities for business growth in current and prospective markets.
  9. Ensure that business units have the adequate and suitable resources needed to achieve the desired goals and objectives
  10. Ensure adequate representation in relevant national events, workshops, conferences, and other relevant activities
  11. Ensure the adherence of all business activities to legal guidelines, policies, and quality standards.
  12. Collect, research, track, and analyze relevant business data to inform the development of business operations and enhance profitability


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or relevant field; master degree will be a plus
  2. Thorough understanding of diverse business processes in the field of agri-business
  3. Minimum three years of proven experience in business management in relevant sector.
  4. Good connections with clients, suppliers, and other key stakeholders in the agri-business field.
  5. Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
  6. Good interpersonal and problem-solving skills.
  7. Good computer skills. 
  8. Ability to create work schedules and budgets.
  9. Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
  10. Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.

 How to apply:

Download employment application from the following link: MAAN Employment Application   

Fill in the employment application and save the document with the name of applicant and the position.  

Fill in the required information in the following link:

Attach employment application in within the previous link.

Applications will not be considered if employment application is not attached in the previous link.  

Applications will only be accepted until Wednesday 22 March 2023