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GBV Specialist -Atfaluna Society

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GBV Specialist -Atfaluna Society

Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children

GBV Specialist- Job Description

Scope of Work:

Under the supervision of the team leader, the GBV Specialist will be responsible for GBV program quality and implementation. He/she will plan and execute effective deployment of GBV programming to support quality case management, psychosocial support and empowerment activities for vulnerable women, girls, and GBV survivors. The GBV Specialist will be responsible for managing and overseeing the activities associated with supporting the provision of holistic care for survivors of GBV, case management, referrals for specialized health care, psychosocial support, and risk reduction. He/she will ensure application of effective program planning, identify bottlenecks in prevention and response to GBV and devise strategies to address them.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Provide professional and services to survivors of GBV
  2. Document client information through accurate filling of intake and consent forms and ensure confidential and safe storage
  3. Support the maintenance of the ASDC’s case management system by maintaining client confidentiality
  4. Ensure the GBV information is accurately updated on a regular basis.
  5. Ethically and confidentially collect and store GBV data. Participate in interpretation of the analyzed data on trends and work with the GBV Psychosocial specialist to disseminate information to all relevant stakeholders.
  6. Participate in the development of case management monitoring systems and help to ensure that GBV community workers utilize these systems correctly and consistently.
  7. Participate in preparation of all relevant reports regarding ASDC’s GBV interventions
  8. Development of referral networks between partners implementing GBV and implementation of referral pathways.

Training, Mentorship & Coaching:

  1. Provide leadership and guidance regarding psychosocial activities to community workers to ensure all project activities meet best practice standards.
  2. Monitor and supervise case management, including capacity building through training and on-the-job training of community workers. Training topics should include active listening and effective communication, action and safety planning, GBV guiding principles, GBV basic concepts, and other related topics

Coordination & Networking:

  1. Participate in capacity building trainings for the local partners around psychosocial support
  2. Strengthen and maintain networks with community leaders, women leaders, service providers and camp management to ensure that survivors receive compassionate support from the community and to encourage greater communication, collaboration and coordination among partners (protection, health, legal, and psychosocial sectors)
  3. Work in collaboration with ASDC’s Protection Officer and MEAL Officer to ensure ongoing needs of women and girls are being met through prevention-related activities.
  4. Monitor monthly community outreach plan with community workers, based on case trends and ongoing needs of women and girls.


  1. Fulfill any other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
  2. Respect the code of conduct and policies of ASDC and the standards of the GBV team
  3. Adhere and uphold the ASDC Way (integrity, Service and Accountability) at the respective areas of work.

Key Result Areas:

  1. Improve survivors’ access to timely, holistic and quality case management
  2. Strengthened engagement with communities to act in the best interests of women and girls
  3. Invest in social and economic opportunities for women and girls to promote their well being
  4. Leverage partnerships and experience to advocate for priorities of women and girls


Required Qualifications:

Required Knowledge & Competencies:

  1. Clear understanding of gender, abuse of power, and issues surrounding violence against women and girls with and without disabilities
  2. Clear understanding and experience in working with women and girls with disabilities
  3. Familiar with UNCRPD convention for persons with disabilities
  4. Able to maintain confidentiality and ethics and respect for clients at all times.
  5. Experience in participatory techniques and community mobilization
  6. Able to lead, train, supervise, facilitate and motivate GBV Community Workers in their respective tasks in a professional, respectful and supportive manner
  7. Positive, highly motivated, innovative, with strong organizational and inter-personal skills.
  8. Able to coordinate multiple tasks while maintaining attention to quality and detail. 
  9. Able to work as part of a team.
  10. Strong knowledge of computer applications, including MS Word and Excel.
  11. Willing to work in emergency situations.
  12. Fluency in English, including writing clear and concise reports.

How to Apply:

Candidates who meet the above requirements are requested to send a covering letter and Curriculum Vitae to the Director of Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children by e-mail:   before 2 June 2021