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مطلوب مدير/ة مكتب - أطباء حول العالم تركيا

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مطلوب مدير/ة مكتب - أطباء حول العالم تركيا


Doctors Worldwide Turkey (DWWT) is an international humanitarian aid organization which serves medical relief to communities in need through the provision of sustainable medical relief and health-based development programs over 40 countries worldwide.
Job Summary:
DWWT is seeking for Office Manager to ensure the DWWT Gaza office operates smoothly and efficiently while running the office on a day-to-day basis and manage the team of administrative and health staff.
  • Job Title: Office Manager
  • Department / Country: Gaza Office / Palestine 
  • Position Type: Full-Time (100%)
  • Job Location: Gaza Office
  • S/he will be reporting directly to the HQ

  • Starting: ASAP
  • Duration: Yearly Contracts
As an Office Manager, the staff member is required to perform the following duties in a professional manner:
  1. Supervise the timely implementation of the overall project as per the work plans, ensuring technical soundness, donor requirements and guidelines, relevant DWWT procedures in finance, procurement, and Human Resources (HR) as well as clear communication and coordination with the project counterparts and implementing partners;
  2. Ensure smooth implementation of the project according to the project proposal including budget monitoring of activities;
  3. Develop and maintain an effective field-based team, which includes medical and support staff;
  4. Ensure team security and safety and compliance with security regulations;
  5. Assess continuously the humanitarian and security situation in the field and timely inform the HQ;
  6. Liaise with relief committees, camp managers, and community leaders;
  7. Actively coordinate with the local government bodies and other relevant parties;
  8. Organize the admin team to produce monthly reports on project achievements and donor reports as requested;
Base Management
  1. Ensure adequate information flow within the different teams;
  2. Oversee and coordinate the general functioning of the base and all departments;
  3. Create/maintain a “team spirit” within the different departments and amongst the staff;
Program management
  1. Ensure the implementation of the program and its follow-up in its different aspects;
  2. Continuously assess the needs & adjust the programs to the needs;
  3. Organize the admin team to draw up plans, up plans, proposals, and budgets for new projects/extensions of projects in conjunction with the relevant team;
  1. Ensure familiarity with donor compliance issues, ensuring all projects are compliant with these and DWWT procedures;
  2. Ensure appropriate administrative, financial and logistical DWWT systems/procedures are in place, maintained, and adhered to so that all support functions are carried out effectively and efficiently;
  3. Ensure regular communications are maintained between the different departments and act as a mediator when necessary;
  4. Responsible for accurate budget control and overall responsibility for financial management at the project site in line with project proposals;
  5. Monitor expenditure and budget compliance regularly;
Human Resource Management
  1. Responsible for the well-being of all team members; 
  2. Conduct regular team-building activities;
  3. Responsible for national staff selection, recruitment, and disciplinary and grievance procedures;
  4. Maintain good inter-team communications engender good team dynamics, and take suitable action when problems occur;
  5. Support team members professionally and monitor and support stress management;
  6. Carry out appraisals as per DWWT standard requirements and procedures;
  7. Ensure all new team members are adequately briefed on arrival in the field and departing team members are debriefed;
  8. Responsible for capacity building and training of the personnel;
  1. Carry out representation with other NGOs, UN agencies, local and national government bodies, donors, and other relevant parties;
  2. Participate regularly in all relevant meetings and are collaborative and build a strong relationship with all partners working in the area;
  1. Elaborate monthly coordination report with the coordination team;
  2. Ensure regular contacts with HQ;
  3. Participate in proposals & reports to donors;
  4. Ensure that all confidentiality and the right of privacy is maintained with regard to confidential beneficiary and project information; 
  5. Abide by DWWT codes of conduct;
  6. Perform any other duties as assigned; 

Qualifications and skills:

  1. Bachelor's degree in business administration or similar area
  2. Master's degree in management preferred
  3. Minimum 5 years of practical experience in NGOs/INGOs as office Manager or in a senior comparable position
  4. Minimum 4 years’ experience in the field of health for an INGO preferred.
  5. A good understanding of office management concept and principles
  6. Fluency in written and spoken English language
  7. Turkish language knowledge is preferred.
  1. Strong office management skills 
  2. Strong leadership and facilitation capacity 
  3. Problem analysis and problem-solving skills
  4. Professional technical reporting skills in English.
  5. Good interpersonal skills including the ability to listen and conflict management.
  6. Professional representation skills.
  7. Excellent decision making ability
  8. Excellent organizational, planning and analytical skills

How to Apply:

Qualified candidates can send their CV along with Cover letter in English to the following email: 
The most recent CV including 3 professional contacts as references.  
Kindly indicate the job title in the subject line of the email e.g. Office Manager.
Deadline for submitting applications is 30th of April 2021.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. 
In accordance with the Resolution No. 17, 2010 of the Gaza Ministry of Interior, applicants who have a running contract with any governmental or non-governmental structure will not be selected.