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مطلوب محاسب/ة - جمعية رؤية شبابية

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مطلوب مساعد/ة ادارية - جمعية رؤية شبابية 

مطلوب محاسب/ة - جمعية رؤية شبابية


Job vacancy (Accountant)

Youth Vision Society announces a job vacancy for an accountant.

  • Type of contract: temporary employment contract
  • Workplace: Gaza
  • - Direct manager: Director of Finance


  1. Bachelor's in Accounting.
  2. At least 4 years of practical experience in financial work.
  3. A resident of Gaza City.
  4. Good at performing with the Office Set and Al-Asseel accounting program.
  5. Familiarized with principles and laws related to the work of institutions in Gaza.
  6. Willingness to work within a team, under pressure, and to work extra hours.

Required tasks

  1.  • Preparing project financial reports
  2. •  Make purchases for the project
  3.  • Follow-up of the project's disbursement operations
  4. •  Submission mechanism

How to Apply

Those who wish to apply for the above mentioned position should send their CV and cover letter to this e-mail

no later than Saturday 6/2/2021