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مطلوب مدرب/ة لغة انجليزية - جمعية رؤية شبابية

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مطلوب مساعد/ة ادارية - جمعية رؤية شبابية 

مطلوب مدرب/ة لغة انجليزية - جمعية رؤية شبابية

English Language Trainer

For English language graduates.

Job vacancy (English Language Trainer) - Youth Vision Society - Gaza

Youth Vision Society announces a job vacancy for an English language trainer


  1. Bachelor's degree in English language
  2. Two years of experience in the field of training.
  3. Ability to work within a team and under pressure.
  4. Reporting skills.
  5. Communication skills.
  6. A very good GPA, at least.
  7. A resident of Gaza City.

Work responsibilities:

  1. . Recruit the target groups.
  2. . Submit periodic, progress reports.
  3. . Participation in activities inside and outside the organization.
  4. . Coordination with other concerned institutions working in the field.
  5. . Conducting pre and post questionnaires/ exams for the beneficiaries.
  6. . Performing any other tasks as required by YVS in line with work responsibilities.

Specific conditions:

  1. Able to sign a full-time work contract.
  2. Not engaged in any other work.
  3. Able to start the work immediately right after the completion of the official procedures

How to Apply

Those who wish to apply for the above mentioned position should send their CV and cover letter to this e-mail

no later than Saturday 6/2/2021