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مطلوب منسق مشروع - مركز ابداع المعلم

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مطلوب منسق مشروع - مركز ابداع المعلم

يعلن المركز ابداع المعلم عن توفر وظيفة منسق مشروع – دوام كامل ضمن مشروع ( مختبرات العلوم) وفق الشروط التالية

Direct Supervisor: Program Coordinator, and Program Officer

  • General Responsibility 

  1. Plan, coordinate and implement each activity with CCP project team;
  2. Monitor progress of the project activities and update the Program Coordinator;
  3. Assist the Program Coordinator with any financial and daily accounting activities regarding procurement of items relevant to the projects;
  4. Maintain record of any activities related to the project in both forms of hard and electronic copies;
  5. Ensure adherence to any implementation and reporting deadline;
  6. Take on any other relevant tasks required administrative tasks on ad-hoc basis.

  • Coordination

  1. Coordinate with the CCP staff for implementation and monitoring as well as reporting on daily basis;
  2. Coordinate and communicate with the Ministry, the schools and the relevant authorities for implementing activities;
  3. Organize the employment of instructors, engineer and so on;
  4. Call for a bid for the rehabilitation of the science labs;
  5. Set up the workshops and meetings with the teachers.

  • Monitoring and communication 

  1. Conduct needs assessment for the teachers, the principals and schools facilities;
  2. Monitor progress activities of the project implementation against benchmarks as well as financial progress;
  3. Visit project sites and take photographs and shoot videos;
  4. Prepare and conduct pre-post questionnaire accordingly, and enter the data;
  5. Communicate with staff at CCP and, report of their comments and feedbacks for any improvements for the projects.

  • Accounting

  1. Assist the Program Officer and Accountant with any financial and daily accounting activities regarding procurement of items relevant to the project, such as facilitating collection of financial documents, scanning, translating and storing the financial documents and data;
  2. Assist the Accountant to keep the financial records of any purchased items for relevant activities and their timely submission of those records.

  • Record keeping and Report

  1. Report to the Program Officer on daily basis at least one time. If necessary, report more frequently or set up a meeting in person;
  2. Submit a monthly narrative report on detailed activities to CCP Program Coordinator and Program Officer within 5 working days from the last day of each month;
  3. Submit time-sheet including actual working time engaged in the project once a month directly to Program Officer;
  4. Submit all relevant photographs and videos via online resources, along with the video transcripts and captions for the photos with translation to English if required;
  5. Submit a final narrative report to CCP within 1 month from the end of project

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