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مساعد محاسب (Accounting Assistant) - مركز إبداع المعلم

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  مساعد محاسب  (Accounting Assistant) - مركز إبداع المعلم 

يعلن المركز ابداع المعلم عن توفر وظيفة مساعد محاسب- دوام جرئي ضمن مشروع (مختبرات العلوم) وفق الشروط التالية:

Direct Supervisor : TCC Project Coordinator, CCP Program Officer
General Responsibility

  1. Execute and assist all aspect of accounting and financial activities for the donor-project including procurement logistics, bookkeeping, keeping balance sheets, and analyzing expenditure rate and future risks and its mitigation;
  2. Report to TCC Project Officer on a daily basis. If necessary, report more frequently or set up a meeting in person;
  3. Comply with management and security guidelines of CCP Japan and;
  4. Take on any other relevant tasks required on ad-hoc basis.

Coordination and Management

  1. Coordinate and communicate with CCP Project Officer for accounting and financial records/documents and reporting;
  2. In close communication with CCP Project Officer, keep relevant TCC staff abreast with any changes on donor regulation and requirements regarding financial documenting and reporting; 
  3. Ensure timely submission of any financial reports and documents as well as fulfillment of any ad-hoc request by CCP or donors. 

Accounting and Audit 

  1. Monitor progress of financial activities particularly budget and actual spending and balance;
  2. Responsible for general bookkeeping activities, such as journal entry, trial balance, bank reconciliation, for both TCC Ramallah and Gaza Office; 
  3. Collect all the necessary financial documents, including but not limited to invoices, receipts, payment vouchers, and timesheets; 
  4. Communicate with vendors or suppliers for proper and timely submission of necessary financial documents; 
  5. Execute any actions required for project audit as well as reporting to the donors and Palestinian National Authority;
  6. Implement financial record keeping in the format specified by CCP as well as maintain all the financial documents in order related to the project expenditures for TCC West Bank and Gaza; 
  7. Cooperate with CCP in communicating with the external auditors during all the phases of audit activities, including document preparation, implementation, and reporting; 
  8. Submission of financial documents and beneficiaries lists, and financial reports;
  9. Communicate with CCP Project Officer regarding TCC’s current accounting and record-keeping as well as all internal control rules and regulations. 


  1. Along with TCC Project Coordinator, and CCP Coordinator, arrange all the logistics of procurement process including but not limited to: public announcement, bidding invitation, scheduling open bidding and technical and executive committees, preparing awarding letters; 
  2. Ensure CCP staff to be present at the executive committee of those procurement process; 
  3. Along with TCC Project Coordinator and relevant staff, follow up and support the winning venders for finalizing contracting and related modalities for execution of work details.
  4. Analyzing expenditure and tendencies and estimate future spending for each budget items as well as balance; 
  5. Consult with and advise CCP Project Officer regarding strategies for the purchased services and items as well as its timing against the balance of each item; 
  6. Advise CCP about the expenditure and balance of each item as well as the issues need an attention;
  7. Follow and keep track of procurement procedures both at CCP and TCC and ensure one of the CCP staff members is present at the vender selection and bidding process at the partner organizations; 

Legal Compliance:  

  1. Keep checking with CCP Project Officer regarding the specific accounting and reporting regulations and requirements for the current project, and keep her/himself abreast about any changes on those regulations;
  2. Monitor TCC and CCP’s compliance with international and PA national financial laws and regulations related to project’s operations;
  3. Consult with and advise CCP as to any risks for compliance issues regarding overall project implementation 


  1. Submit a monthly financial report within 8 working days from the last day of each month;
  2. Prepare and submit a monthly timesheet for all the relevant TCC staff and external consultants, including actual working time and description of tasks engaged in the project
  3. Finalize and submit the financial report to CCP within 1 month from the end of project. 

Working Hours 16 hours/week

المطلوب من كل شخص يتقدم لوظيفة التالي:-
  • ذكر اسم الوظيفة التي يتقدم لها .
  • الشهادات الجامعية بتخصص محاسبة.
  • شهادات الخبرة .
  • السيرة الذاتية تشمل 3 معرفين.

اخر موعد لاستلام الطلبات يوم الثلاثاء الموافق 10/03/2020 حتى الساعة الرابعة عصرا.

سيتم التواصل مع المتقدمين – الذين تنطبق عليهم الشروط فقط- للمقابلات مع العلم ان المركز يحرص على مبدأ تكافؤ الفرص بين الجميع.

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