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Interim AIDA Director - Oxfam

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Interim AIDA Director - Oxfam

General Background

Oxfam currently hosts the AIDA Secretariat, and serves as Treasurer for the Executive Committee. All Oxfam employees are expected to work in accordance with the organisation’s core values: dedication, innovation, inclusivity and accountability. These attitudes and beliefs shall guide our actions and relationships.

The Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA) is a membership body and coordination forum, comprised of more than 80 international non-governmental and non-profit organizations working in the occupied Palestinian territory. Active since 1967, AIDA is one of the longest-standing INGO coordination mechanisms in one of the world’s most protracted conflict and humanitarian context. AIDA supports and strengthens the work of the INGO community in the oPt in order to better respond to the needs and protect the rights of the Palestinian people. AIDA achieves this by amplifying the collective voice of its members and representing their interests to key decision-makers, as well as by coordinating and facilitating exchange, learning, and resource-sharing among the NGO community. AIDA provides a forum for organisations to share experiences, identify challenges, and find solutions to support the humanitarian and development work of its members to better serve the people for whom we work.


By the end of June 2023, the current AIDA Director will have completed their assignment. Recruitment for the Director’s replacement is ongoing and is expected to be completed by the end of July 2023.  In  order to ensure continuity for the management of the AIDA Secretariat and delivery of the commitments made to AIDA donors, the Executive Committee approved the recruitment of an Interim AIDA Director for the period of June 19 -July 31 2023

Objectives of the assignment:

Generic responsibilities

  1. Represent AIDA externally, with support from the Chair of the ExCom;
  2. Lead the development, implementation and regular review of AIDA’s strategic direction and annual workplan;
  3. Directly manage the AIDA secretariat staff to deliver against delegated responsibilities;
  4. Mobilize and manage financial resources for AIDA’s operations and prepare proposals, budgets and reports, in coordination with the host agency;
  5. Ensure compliance with, and adherence to, AIDA and host agency policies, procedures and regulations;
  6. Responsible for operational decision-making, in accordance with ExCom guidance;
  7. Report to the ExCom and represent the Secretariat in ExCom meetings;
  8. Engage members through regular communication and interactions;
  9. Act as the focal point for AIDA members in relation to urgent or emergency issues.

Specific responsibilities

  1. Represent AIDA at external meetings and fora;
  2. Work closely with the ExCom and support the Chair to set ExCom meeting agendas, share minutes
  3. and implement decisions;
  4. Ensure active engagement with AIDA members, transparent coordination mechanisms and regular
  5. information-sharing between AIDA members and with other stakeholders;
  6. Facilitate monthly AIDA General Assembly meetings and support the coordination of regular sub-committee and ad hoc meetings;
  7. Monitor implementation of annual plans and expenditure against budget;
  8. Coordinate meetings with external stakeholders, including donors, diplomats, UN officials,
  9. Lead engagement with external coordination networks (PNGO, ICVA, Interaction, etc).

 Critical interfaces:

  1. AIDA Executive Committee and AIDA member NGOs;
  2. AIDA host agency (Oxfam);
  3. UN agency representatives, including HC/RC, UNHCT, UNSCO and OCHA;
  4. Donors and diplomats, including AIDA donors (SIDA, EU);
  5. PNGO representatives;
  6. Global fora including ICVA and Interaction.
  7. Institutional and organizational arrangements
Oxfam hosts the AIDA platform in Palestine, providing essential administrative support, logistical services and financial oversight. Oxfam will contract the Consultant, process invoices and process payments, in addition to providing induction and ongoing support throughout the consultancy period.

Responsibilities of the consultant :

The Consultant will:

  1. Implement the AIDA Director’s workplan and deliver on commitments, in close coordination with the AIDA Executive Committee, including Oxfam’s Country Director;
  2. Directly manage the AIDA Secretariat in order to ensure effective delivery of AIDA services;
  3. Be based in Jerusalem, with occasional travel to Ramallah and Gaza
  4. Be responsible for his own health and accident insurance unless covered by Oxfam’s 3rd party liability.
  5. Be responsible for maintaining his own work and residency rights in Israel.

Qualifications and Education:

Generic professional competencies for this position:

  1. Minimum 7 years’ experience in relevant senior management roles in a humanitarian/recovery context;
  2. Relevant university degree and/or higher education;
  3. Experience working in complex and volatile contexts;
  4. Documented results related to the position’s responsibilities;
  5. Knowledge about own leadership skills/profile;
  6. Fluency in written and spoken English;
  7. Valid driver’s license.
Context/Specific skills, knowledge and experience:

  1. Sound operational INGO management experience;
  2. Significant, high-level policy, advocacy and inter-agency coordination experience and familiarity with global humanitarian and development coordination infrastructure and systems;
  3. Demonstrated representational and diplomatic experience with donor and diplomatic missions and host governments, with well-developed negotiation skills;
  4. Effective team, operational and budget management skills;
  5. Demonstrated capacity to manage risk, risk mitigation and management planning;
  6. Understanding of emergency preparedness and response, as well as organisational safety and security management;
  7. Sound knowledge of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, oPt aid architecture and NGO operations;
  8. Ability and willingness to travel regularly to Gaza;
  9. Arabic language skills are an advantage

How to Apply:

Financial proposal:

The Financial proposal should contain the following information: 

  1. Budget breakdown; prices should be valid for 120 days from date of submission.
  2. The submitted offers should be in Euro including  VAT. The tendered should be able to issue an official invoice  in addition to valid deduction at source certificate or will deduct a percentage from the final payment as income tax (according to Palestinian or Israeli Taxation department & laws).
  3. Prices include all types of expenses such as transportation per-diem, calls, … etc
Application process:

  • CV of the consultant including detailed work experience and education.
  • Consultant should submit detailed technical offer including the participatory methodologies that will be adopted to provide all the mentioned deliverables.
  • A timeframe for implementing the consultancy services with clear details concerning the work to be executed, and specifying interim deliverables.
Deadline for Submission of Offers:
The interested candidates are invited to submit a technical and financial proposal by 05th June 2023; before 4:00 pm.

The quotation need to be sent by email to   

Important Note: the consultant (team) will be able to work in both Gaza and West Bank