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Accountant - Sawa Organization " Ramallah "

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Accountant - Sawa Organization " Ramallah "

Sawa Organization –Ramallah is seeking a full-time candidate for the accountant position at the Organization.

Primary responsibilities will include:

  1. Analyze and evaluate processes and all financial data into computerized accounting system to assist in conducting financial reports on all levels;
  2. Verify all payment requests and ensure compliance with projects budgets and internal rules and regulations;
  3. Assure that original invoices, receipts or contracts are available upon payment and systematically archived.
  4. Assist administrative staff in daily finance and administrative tasks including cash book recording payments processes, management and input of financial data and supporting documents;
  5. Reconcile all bank accounts monthly, monitor bank account balances and transfer funds as needed;
  6. Assist payment of monthly payroll and related taxes;
  7. Prepare and monitor budget against actual expense on routine basis;
  8. Assist administrative staff in communications with local external contacts (such as partners, banks, public administration offices and institutions, auditors and suppliers);
  9. Assist in the management of assets and maintain continuous asset inventory periodically and upon request plus management of warehouse movement (in and out);
  10. Participate in the financial management, follow-up of projects, and preparing support documents for projects.
  11. Perform any other duties related as may be assigned;
  12. Systematically update the cashbooks as well as the corresponding Excel spreadsheets.
  13. Participate in procurement process if needed.
  14. Compile and update employee records (hard and soft copies): preparing, collecting and scanning supporting documents related to local staff (i.e. collection of time sheets, annual leave, sick leave and any other relevant issue, and reports and follow up the coordination between Ramallah Office and sub offices);
  15. Prepare payroll by providing relevant data (absences, bonus, leaves, etc);
The task list is neither exhaustive nor restrictive and is evolving according to the needs of the organization. The employee may be required to carry out other assignments related to his or her qualification. Being an association with limited resources, versatility and flexibility are necessary in order to overcome any difficulty temporary and exceptional. The management may thus ask any employee to perform tasks outside this job description and corresponding to your qualification or to be available during campaign periods, outside the working hours and/or days of the employment contract, in compliance with the legislation in force.

Professional qualifications and Experience:

  1. Minimum bachelor’s degree in accounting.
  2. Relevant professional experience minimum three years.
  3. S/he should be proficient in spoken and written English and Arabic is a significant.
  4. Proficiency in Financial programs, specifically Bissan.
  5. Proficiency in MS Office and Financial Excel.
  6. Ability to work under pressure

Accountant Skills:

  • Accounting, Corporate Finance, Reporting Skills, Attention to Detail, Deadline-Oriented, Confidentiality, Time Management, Data Entry Management, General Math Skills

How to Apply:

Interested candidates must send their C Vs  attached with their personal photo to the following email address:
 before 7/6/2023
“Please clearly state “Accountant” in the email subject, followed by your name
Please note that only qualified candidates will be contacted by our organization.