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Assistant Coordinator - A.M. Qattan Foundation " Ramallah "

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Assistant Coordinator - A.M. Qattan Foundation  " Ramallah "

Assistant Coordinator -Grants & Capacities Support Unit

The A.M. Qattan Foundation is seeking to recruit a highly motivated individual for the position of Assistant Coordinator- Grants & Capacities Support Unit (GCSU). The description of this position is as follows:

Job Title: Assistant Coordinator, GCSU.

Contract Type: Fixed-term contract for two-years (with possibility of extension).

Line of Responsibility: Senior Manager, GCSU

Work Location: Ramallah

Job Objectives:

Coordinate the learning and capacity building projects and assist in coordinating the implementation of the Unit’s (sub)grant-making projects in full coordination with relevant staff and stakeholders, and in line with the Foundation’s vision, ensuring that the highest possible impact and desired results are achieved.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities:

Learning and capacity building projects:
  1. Draft open calls and application forms for the learning and capacity building opportunities offered by the Unit.
  2. Coordinate the development and implementation of projects and interventions with related partners.
  3. Coordinate the work of the trainer(s) or training teams, preparing all required paperwork.
  4. Ensure timeliness of logistic preparations (in coordination with relevant staff.
  5. Assist in following up on project(s) progress and challenges through regular communication with partner organisations and individuals, and through field visits when necessary.
  6. Process payments related to capacity building projects.
  7. Conduct, when necessary, training evaluation surveys for projects or courses conducted by, or in partnership with, the Unit.
(Sub)Grant-Making and Capacities Support
  1. Assist in drafting open calls and application forms for the opportunities offered by the Unit.
  2. Assist in coordinating the work of the Unit’s jury members, prepare all required paperwork, participate in jury deliberations, and prepare the meeting minutes.
  3. Convey the Foundation’s decisions or recommendations to applicants in an appropriate manner, and draft letters of approval and necessary agreements in coordination with the head of the Unit and relevant staff members.
  4. Assist in coordinating the development and signing of grant implementation agreements with partners.
  5. Assist in following up on project progress and challenges through regular communication with partner organisations and individuals, and through field visits.
  6. Assist in processing payments to partners and beneficiaries upon the submission and approval of required financial and narrative report.
  7. Assist in preparing publicity materials related to the Unit’s (sub)-grants, working in close coordination with the Unit’s coordinators and manager and relevant Foundation staff members or external consultants.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Quality Assurance
  1. Participate in M&E meetings and activities as per the approved M&E plans.
  2. Ensure compliance with the Foundation’s policies, guidelines and co-funded agreements.
  3. Contribute to the implementation of data collection to capture and document the impact of supported projects, institutions, initiatives, individuals, and others.
  4. Conduct field visits to projects that are supported or (co)implemented by the Unit, when necessary.

Managerial Tasks : 

  1. Assist in preparing and managing the implementation of the individual annual work plans.
  2. Assist in preparing regular reports and statistics, including those for the semi-annual and annual reports and on activities related to co-funded agreements.
  3. Assist in coordinating all aspects of the Unit’s meetings and workshops and managing all required logistics.
  4. Keep work files well archived and updated.
  5. Carry out any other related tasks that might be requested by line managers.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in business administration or another relevant field.
  2. At least three years of work experience.
  3. Experience in cultural management or relevant field is a plus.
  4. Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  5. Ability to work within a team.
  1. Effective communication skills (in English and Arabic).
  2. Ability to adapt.
  3. Ability to manage ambiguity.
  4. Results-driven.
  5. Ability to plan and align.
Other Job Factors:
  1. Field visits are required.
  2. Flexible working hours are required to accommodate evening and weekend activities.

How to Apply:

Interested individuals should submit the application coupled with their CV and letter of interest.

Deadline for submitting applications is Thursday, 23/03/2023. Only potential candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Application Form: HERE