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Gaza Safeguarding Consultant - Tasdeer

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Gaza Safeguarding Consultant - Tasdeer

  • Job Title: Gaza Safeguarding Consultant
  • Sector: Governance and Economic Reform
  • Position Type: Consultancy
  • Duration/Level of Effort: 15 working days over four months (August 2022 to February 2023)
  • Position Location: Gaza (The Occupied Palestinian Territories)
  • Reports to: GESI Lead


Tasdeer is looking for a short-term consultant in Gaza to support safeguarding activities within trainees and factory staff. The consultant is also expected to visit factories and conduct


  • Conduct awareness raising workshops on safeguarding for Women and PwDs including:
  1. Workshops in two locations, North Gaza and Gaza.
  2. One inclusive workshop for people with disabilities.
  3. Duration of each workshop: three hours.
  4. Number of workshops: 3
  5. Training presentations will be provided by Tasdeer.
  • Conduct Awareness Raising Workshops on Safeguarding for factories management including:
  1. One workshop for all factories at GTA premises.
  2. May conduct a separate workshop for the south, should the need arise.
  3. Duration of each workshop: three hours.
  4. Number of workshops: 1
  5. Training presentations will be provided by Tasdeer.
  • Conduct visits to factories to monitor safeguarding minimum standards according to checklist provided by Tasdeer:
  1. To be conducted alongside the field visits by Tasdeer and GTA.
  2. Every factory will be visited once during project implementation process. Number of factories: 32.
  • Advise on reporting and response/ referral mechanisms for safeguarding incidents in the Gaza Strip.
  • Adapt training curriculum (presentations) provided by Tasdeer to Gaza Strip context.
No  Task/ Deliverable  Approximate Time Requirement   

1 . Adapted Training Curriculum  0.5 day 
2  Awareness Workshops  5 days 
3   Field Visits and Reports   8.5 days  


  1. At least 10 years' experience in safeguarding and the protection of women and girls from violence and abuse.
  2. Experience in private sector safeguarding is an asset.
  3. Strong professional knowledge in developmental projects.
  4. Experience in developing and conducting safeguarding and protection training
  5. Excellent communication skills (written and oral Arabic and English) are an essential requirement.
  6. Experience and understanding of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion.
  7. Experience in supporting the strengthening of capacities in safeguarding and developing training packages and activities for different target groups including women, girls and people with disabilities.
  8. Excellent grasp of best practices in terms of safeguarding response and referral of incidents in Gaza Strip.


The consultant is expected to cover safeguarding tasks in the Gaza strip in close cooperation with GTA and in regular contact with Tasdeer.  All workshops will be conducted during August, the field visits during November.

How to Apply:

Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to

no later than Saturday, 13th of August 2022. 

Candidates must submit the following to be considered:

  • A full CV
  • A cover letter (two-page limit, A4) which explains their suitability for the role.
  • For your application to be considered, please upload your documents as follows: Candidate Last Name, First Name, date, Title of the Position.