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Codeigniter Developer - Work Without Borders

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Codeigniter Developer - Work Without Borders

IT Company Saudi Arabia in Cooperation with Work Without Borders -Palestine-Gaza , announces its need for a  (Codeigniter Developer) according to the conditions described below. Those who have the requirements below

Basic requirements :

  1. Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or Information Technology.
  2. Minimum 3 year experience in Web Development, Software Development and Applications.
  3. Experience in (Codeigniter).
  4. Experience in (Saas System).
  5. Advanced CSS & html with Sass.
  6. Ability to deal with database (MySQL).
  7. Experience with RESTful API development . 
  8. Have Github portfolio or design portfolio.
  9. Software testing experience
  10. Experience working on large projects and integrated systems.
  11. Very fast in development and delivery.
  12. The ability to work under pressure.
  13. The ability to work remotely.

                          Job Description :

                          1. Developing the internal systems of company.
                          2. Maintenance of system on a regular basis.
                          3. Analysis of the various systems.


                              • Monthly Salary : On the basis of merit.
                              • Employment Type: First 3 months of the year contract are trial .
                              • Full Time .
                              • Deadline is Friday : 16/07/2021.

                                    How to Apply

                                    Those who have the requirements below, fill out the following form: