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مطلوب منسق/ة مشروع - جمعية عايشة لحماية المرأة والطفل

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مطلوب منسق/ة مشروع - جمعية عايشة لحماية المرأة والطفل

JOB TITLE: Project Coordinator


AISHA Association for Women and Child Protection (AISHA), established in 2009, is an ‎independent Palestinian women organization working to achieve gender integration through ‎economic empowerment and psychosocial support to marginalized groups in the Gaza Strip ‎with focus on Gaza City and the North area. AISHA seeks to protect women and children ‎from violence through supporting, empowering, and raising awareness of important ‎psychological, social, legal, and economic issues.‎

‎ Qualification and Competencies:‎

  1.  Bachelor degree in project management, engineering, social science or related fields.‎
  2.  Minimum of two years working experience in coordinating projects preferably related to ‎women issues.‎
  3.  Working experience in community development projects.‎
  4.  Working experience in fundraising and proposal writing.‎
  5.  Excellent organizational, planning, reporting, monitoring and evaluation skills - able to ‎schedule and priorities people and activities to meet operational deadlines.‎
  6.  Strong communication, marketing and interpersonal skills including negotiating and ‎influencing skills and ability to write clear & concise reports.‎
  7.  Ability to run business and basic accounting skills.‎
  8.  Fluency in both Arabic and English languages.‎
  9.  Proficiency in computer skills and Microsoft Application (Work, Excel, Power Point, etc)‎
  10.  Ability to handle multi-tasks in a fast-paced environment.‎

Main duties:‎

  1.  Coordinate project activities with partners.‎
  2.  Oversee and manage day to day implementation of project activities day including staff, ‎budget, coordination with stakeholders, risk management, follow-up and reporting of ‎deadlines for activities in cooperation with project staff, as per set in the action plan.‎
  3.  Manage the processes related to the assessment, planning, implementation, and follow up ‎activities.‎
  4.  Coordination with stakeholders, including organizing and facilitating meetings
  5.  Developing a detailed action plan for project implementation, and following up on ‎implementation with stakeholders.‎
  6.  Prepare monthly progress and financial reports to brief the programs manager and project ‎team on the progress made and, on any delays, or issues that might appear during the ‎implementation.‎
  7.  Prepare progress and final reports that will be sent to the Donor.‎
  8.  Support the financial transaction of the project activities and support the preparation of ‎financial reports in coordination with the financial department that will be submitted to the ‎donor.‎
  9.  Contribute to the planning, preparations, and undertaking of various procurement ‎activities. [where relevant]‎
  10.  Ensure efficient internal monitoring of the project, and compliance with funder’s ‎requirements.‎
  11.  Collect and maintain accurate and up-to-date information on all activities and results.‎
  12.  Managing media coverage of project activities and following up the implementation.‎
  13.  Perform any other work entrusted to her by the Executive Director. ‎

How to Apply:‎

For those who are interested in applying, Please, ‎visit من هنـــا‏ and fill the application no later than Monday 5, ‎July, 2021 – 12:00 Noon