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مطلوب منسق مشروع ميداني - المركز الفلسطيني للتنمية الاقتصادية والاجتماعية

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ليصلك احدث الوظائف والاخبار اشترك معنا في قناتنا على التليجرام

مطلوب منسق مشروع ميداني - المركز الفلسطيني للتنمية الاقتصادية والاجتماعية

طريقة ترجمة الوظيفة من اللغة الانجليزية الى اللغة العربية

  • Job Title :Field coordinator 
  • Reports to: Project Manger
  • Duty Station:- Gaza-ESDC office
  • Contract : 12 months renewable 
Background Information:
Oxfam Germany is responsible for the implementation and accountability of the project to BMZ. 
Oxfam in OPTI will coordinate and implement the project with three local partners, ESDC, UCAS and PARC. Economic & Social Development Centre (ESDC): will focus on access to water, irrigation, and agriculture livelihoods support (Outcome 1 and Outcome 2), in West Bank and Gaza Strip.
University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS): will focus on youth entrepreneurship (Outcome 2). Palestinian Agricultural Development Association (PARC): will focus on DRR (Outcome 3)." Resilient Communities: Supporting vulnerable and affected Palestinian communities to transition to more resilient, sustainable, and equitable economic growth in the Gaza Strip and the Jordan Valley”   
The Project consists of several activities in Jordan Vally and Gaza Strip.
Project objective: - Vulnerable communities and local actors in the Jordan Valley and Gaza have strengthened resilience to cope with and mitigate risks associated with Covid-19, conflict, and climate risk. .
ESDC is seeking a qualified Field coordinator with the demonstrable capacities to carry out the scope of work according to the TOR of this assignment to achieve the set outcomes and outputs through the set activities.


Under supervision of the project manager, the field coordinator will manage all activities that will focus on access to water, irrigation, and agriculture livelihoods support (Outcome 1 and Outcome 2), assist in monitoring all water related work related to the project, assist in supervision and coordination of counterparts work, and regularly inspect implementation of project related activities.  Provide technical assistance to stakeholders.  Plan and organize field visits, schedules and responsibilities related to his job and which reflect the program’s priorities. Under the direction of the project manager, verify information and work output stated in reports and assist ESDC to ensure quality standards of counterpart’s work and fulfillment of work/design standards.  Prepare BOQ,s, specifications, reports for interventions.  Report to programs manager about any incidents of non-compliance or discrepancies in work implementation.
Demonstrate a quality of work and standards. 


  1. Work under the overall guidance of the ESDC programs manager (PM), and work actively within the broader ESDC team.  In the field, monitor implementations and achievements as it relates to scope and duties and project objectives. 
  2. Preparing designs, specifications and quantities related to water activities, solar energy and irrigation networks.
  3. Communicating with beneficiaries and collecting and analyzing data.
  4. Reference will be the project manager in the West Bank.
  5. Administrative reference is ESDC’s Gaza office manager.
  6. Coordinate Gaza field works and coordinate project resources.
  7. Technically direct and supervise activities and to ensure their timely fulfillment of submitted work plans, timetables, agreements and reporting.
  8. Conduct needs assessments and identifying the technical specifications and designs.
  9. Review contractors reports with PM to verify standards and specification accuracy and completeness of work and that reported information reflects the actual implementation on the ground.    
  10. Coordinate closely with other ESDC M&E in relation to specifications and quality.
  11. Follow up with consultancy firms and trainers during the delivery of the consultancy services and collect data from the field to ensure that consultancy services are being delivered according to the ToR and agreement.
  12. Provide technical assistance as required and necessary to all stakeholders.
  13. Together with the M&E, evaluate contractors’ technical interventions and performance.  Make recommendations where necessary to adjust work methodology, implementation standards and requirements.  
  14. Assist in the analysis of activity funding and Environment impact assessment (EIA). 
  15. Conduct regular field visits to monitor activities, implementation and work quality.  Monitor and ensure their compliance with expected work standards and design specifications, specifically construction and installation work specifications and quality.  Prepare and submit a report to PM for each field visit highlighting all key findings. Maintain communication with PM and M&E  providing relevant operational information and report any incident of incompliance in a timely manner.  
  16. Participate actively in the technical meetings to answer any raised questions related to water related.  
  17. Coordinate with the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) and other related stakeholders on work implementation.  Advise on the best practices for coordination, planning and implementation of water activities work, including methodology and utilization of proposed technologies, as well as permit perusing mechanism.  
  18. Perform other related duties as required within ESDC staff.

Required Qualifications: -

  1. At least Bachelor's degree in Engineering.
  2. At least 3 years’ experience in water, irrigation, and agriculture livelihoods projects related activities, supply domestic water networks, desalination units,  Irrigation water carrier lines, water reservoirs artesian wells, design, BOqs and specifications, tendering, construction, rehabilitation…etc.
  3. -Good experience in managing meetings and focused groups.

Good computer skills.
  1. Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, prioritize workload and multi-task.
  2. Mature work practices, highly motivated and demonstrate sound judgment. 
  3. Fluency in both English & Arabic languages including both written and verbal communication skills.
  4. Excellent reporting skills in both English & Arabic.

How to Apply:

Interested professionals should submit a resume and cover letter by July 15, 2021. Applications should be addressed to: 
Note: Only short listed candidates for an interview will be contacted