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GIS Assistant - UNDP

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GIS Assistant - UNDP

  • Job Title:  One UN Roster GIS Assistant (Deadline extended)
  • Type of Contract: Service Contract 
  • Level: SB3
  • Duty Station: Gaza  
  • Start Date: As soon as possible 
  • Duration of Contract: 6 months  
  • Closing Date: 5 July 2021 (midnight New York, USA time) 


The UN Agencies active in Palestine (UN Country Team) requested the one UN HR group to establish a One UN Roster that is made of the most frequently required positions. The following Generic Vacancy Announcements support the establishment of this One UN Roster. The Roster will be a list of pre-vetted, highly qualified candidates, and it serves the purpose of fast-tracking recruitment processes as positions become available. After a rigorous selection process, successful candidates will be placed in the respective One UN Roster for a period of 24 months. While placement on the Roster does not guarantee a position, it is going to be an important resource for filling future vacancies. Candidates placed on the Roster will be reviewed when a relevant position becomes available and if found suitable, are offered placements through a direct selection process.
UNDP P11 form (new Personal History form) (   Kindly note that the system will only allow one attachment.
This Generic Vacancy Announcement serves to create a One UN Roster to expedite the hiring of personnel whenever a UN entity/Agency in the State of Palestine needs personnel contracting services in the respective area.
This Generic Vacancy Announcement is exclusively intended for GIS Assistant Service Contract positions at SB3 level in any UN entities operating in the State of Palestine. The One UN Roster is a list of pre-vetted, highly qualified candidates intended to fast-track recruitment processes as positions become available. After a rigorous selection process, successful candidates will be placed in the GIS Coordinator Roster. While placement in the Roster does not guarantee a position, it is an essential resource for filling vacancies. Candidates placed on the Roster will be reviewed when a relevant post becomes available and, if found suitable, are offered placements through a direct selection process.

The purpose for the job

The GIS Assistant will be responsible for providing various specialized tasks against the functional areas and responsibilities listed in the term of reference in compliance with UN rules and regulations. The below functions are expected to be carried out with a high level of independence.
Summary of Key Functions (The functions are generic and therefore not inclusive of all duties, nor are all tasks carried out by the GIS Assistant):
  • GIS cartographic production
  • GIS database management
  • Geospatial analysis
  • GIS Project management and coordination
  • Other activities related to GIS and Information Management (IM)

 GIS cartographic production

  1. Develop maps and related mapping documents to effectively support the UN in Palestine, emphasizing humanitarian and development needs.
  2. Play a lead role in the development and production of maps and related mapping documents to support programming, coordination, research, and advocacy effectively
  3. Create high-quality maps and cartographic material using mapping software such as ArcMap and graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator
  4. Prepare analytical maps/thematic maps that support programming and advocacy  
  5. Liaise with other departments/units to ensure that the end product map/s provide optimum functionality and usability to stakeholders and clients.
  6. Work on branding the office mapping products by creating map templates, standard symbology, and color-coding.
  7. Work in a team to publish/produce interactive mapping applications for web posting or mobile mapping application;

GIS Database management

  1. Play a lead role in the ongoing maintenance, design, and development of the GIS databases to ease data use and integration with other datasets.
  2. Ensure that geospatial data collected is managed and organized systematically.
  3. Maintain and update standard operational datasets in coordination with the UN data group.
  4. Ensure that geospatial data is systematically archived and includes meta-data.
  5. Ensure that geographic data is available in a compatible format for data sharing with partner agencies and organizations.
  6. Compile geographic data from various sources, including censuses, field observation, satellite imagery, and existing maps.
  7. Apply quality assurance/quality control processes to maintain the integrity of mapping resources and geospatial data.
  8. Create and manage a mapping archive to facilitate access to historical maps
  9. Coordinate with the data group on projects related to geospatial data and ensure that the data is collected and managed according to the United Nations’ standards and protocols.
  10. Strengthen the Regional Bureau information readiness by contributing to establishing preparedness information systems.
  11. Strengthen data interoperability with other systems within the organization and the UN data group to maximize the value of the geospatial databases.  

 Geospatial Analysis

  1. Conduct geospatial analysis as part of other types of analysis to inform programming and the agencies' activities.
  2. Conduct spatial and non-spatial data gathering, including identifying requirements for geospatial analysis.
  3. Use GIS information to inform planning and response through spatial multi-criteria analysis.
  4. Introduce geospatial analysis to problems and considers timeliness, effectiveness, and practicality in addressing the office needs.
  5. Prepare and distribute spatial data in various formats as required.
  6. Develop innovative solutions by approaching problems using spatial scripting and programming skills for repetitive tasks (using tools such as Python).
  7. Strengthen data interoperability with other systems and digital services.

GIS Project management and coordination

  1. Develop mapping projects concept notes, execution plans, and monitoring tools
  2. Optimize and ensure the organization is adopting feasible and cost-effective geospatial data collection methods
  3. Work with partners on defining roles and responsibilities on mapping projects
  4. Work with other units/agencies on mapping projects such as development/Humanitarian atlases
  5. Standardize data collection processes, design survey forms, and supervise data collection from the field.
  6. Promote geographic data collection and reporting using mobile devices and online interactive mapping applications.
  7. Provide GIS technical assistance and support to other members of the Office
  8. Evaluate data from public resources or third-party providers. Together with the other relevant staff of the Office, develop and implement a dissemination strategy for all information products (e.g. reports, data, maps) through, for example, hard copy, stand-alone executable programs, and websites.
  9. Maintain a client-oriented approach to produce high-quality information management services and products.

Other responsibilities

  1. Assist in training and handover to other GIS staff who may join the unit.
  2. Work and support capacity-building projects and knowledge management.
  3. Identify software and hardware requirements to run/manage mapping projects successfully.
  4. Work actively with the UN data group and establish strong relationships with the PA data holders/producers
  5. Contribute to the application of United Nations Geographic Information Management Policies and Record-Keeping Policies, including but not limited to the application of metadata standards, project documentation standards, and document management conventions.
  6. Communicate and be able to work as part of a large team.
  7. Proactively provide ideas and solutions to solve Project-related problems
  8. Present information to users and answer questions through the direct presentation using the proper software such as PowerPoint, Prezi, and Sway.
  9. Support in disseminating and publicizing the mapping products to targeted audience/clients through social media platforms, innovative online or mobile applications,
  10. Any other duties as may be requested by the Head of Office and Manager.

Core Competencies: 

  1. Innovation:  Ability to make new and useful ideas work
  2. Leadership:  Ability to persuade others to follow
  3. People Management:  Ability to improve performance and satisfaction
  4. Communication:  Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform
  5. Delivery:  Ability to get things done while exercising good judgement

Technical/Functional Competencies: 

  1. Data Analysis and Visualization:  Ability to evaluate, transform, and model data to derive relevant findings- undertake & provide analysis of data to assess Org performance and or global trends
  2. Data Measurement:  Ability to set goals and indicators and to interpret and synthesize results into usable information to inform policy, strategy, and/or action.
  3. Crisis Assessment:  Ability to use methods, tools, and regional analysis to determine the impact of various elements for crisis and post-crisis situations.




  • BSc. Degree in a GIS or Geomatics discipline.
  • Knowledge of Remote Sensing would be an additional advantage.


  1. At least three years of progressively responsible experience in GIS  (GIS systems integration, GIS modeling, geographic terrain analysis, remote sensing, mapping, GPS, interactive mapping, geospatial related technologies) with solid presentation capacities;
  2. Ability to collect and analyze geospatial data;
  3. Proficiency in Windows, Office365 (Word, Excel, Power-point, Outlook etc.)

Language Requirements:

Fluency in both Arabic and English.

How to Apply:

Interested and qualified candidates can apply online through Apply Now