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Counselor Educator - MSF

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 Medical Data Processing officer

Counselor Educator - MSF

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Open Recruitment 

Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières France

No 07/2021 COUNSELOR EDUCATOR- Gaza Project



Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a private, non-profit international humanitarian organization dedicated to providing medical assistance to populations in crisis, without discrimination and regardless of race, religion, creed or political affiliation. 



Perform counseling and/or education sessions to patients, following different medical and mental health MSF protocols and procedures, in order to improve their psychosocial condition.


  • Place of work: MSF Clinics/ IPD
  • Starting date:  15/06/2021
  • No of Jobs:  3
  • Working Hours:   8 hours per day, 182 hours per month.
  • Job Shift:  from Sunday to Thursday 08:00-16:30
  • Contract Duration:  3 months contract, possibility of renewal.
  • Required Travel: No travel will be required but mobility across Gaza may be requested based on operational need.



  1. Identify the psychosocial, socio-economic and administrative needs for patients 
  2. Actively promote the availability of counselling services and carry out, individual or in group counselling, basic psycho educational sessions, to patients, their families (when needed), in order to alleviate their psychosocial difficulties within the project scope. 
  3. Refer patients to other specialists or other institutions for further assistance, when necessary in order to propose the best support available. 
  4. Participate in the creation of any material needed for counselling activities and look after it, 
  5. Keep files and statistics of daily activities and participate in team meetings to share experiences and discuss special cases with other counselors, preserving confidentiality 
  6. Inform line manager of any problem of any kind arising during the day-to-day activities. 
  7. Take active part in trainings, supervisions/intervisions and support the activities manager when necessary in doing sensitization for MSF staff or external partners about mental health /psychosocial issues. 
  8. Discuss difficulties and problems in counselling with supervisor. 
  9. Provide first psychosocial assessment and follow up of the patients identified for psychosocial support and counselling.
  10. Implement and conduct counseling activities and psychoeducation including group sessions and individual counselling for MSF patients and family/ caretakers who were identifies for counsellors’ support.
  11. Provide first assessment and screening for the burn and trauma patients at all ages, amputees and patients in need of pain management.
  12. Professionally identify signs of mental health disorders, acute stress, (S)GBV, CP issues, substance misuse. Be able to do a triage of the cases in order to refer the mild and sever.
  13. Understand the impact of stressors to mental health and patient’s adherence to the treatment plan.
  14. Refer patient with social needs to social worker.
  15. Together with the social worker to provide the referrals to external actors for psychological and psychiatric help.
  16. Ensure the consistency of the treatment for the patients with mental health needs.
  17. Guarantee proper hand over process of the patients with mental health needs during the referral to external actors or transfer to other MSF facility.
  18. Participate in multidisciplinary meetings and give their recommendation how to improve adherence of the patients to the treatment plan.
  19. Provide psychosocial counselling and psychoeducation to patients and family/caretakers to cope with stress, to reinforce their coping strategies and social support in order to improve the recovery process.
  20. Be aware of the medical situation of the patient and its impact on the patient’s mental health.
  21. Working in close collaboration with the medical staff.
  22. Provide education, guidance and sensitization of the mental health needs to MSF staff and external actors.
  23. Provide screening and risk analysis for the patients with mental health problems.
  24. Immediately inform MHAM and MTL about high risk patients.
  25. Provide First Psychological Help for those in need.
  26. Observe and evaluate patients and family caretakers in order to adapt the counselling strategies to guarantee quality of the counselling. Make suggestions for improvement of the psychosocial support.
  27. Be available to emergencies out of working hours.
  28. Participate to the workshops, trainings and activities in order to provide high quality services.
  29. Support and prepare the patients for their hospitalization in Amman or in IPD.
  30. Participate in the clinical supervisions and intervisions in order to improve the counselling skills, problem management and discuss best practice.
  31. Organize the counselling process: plan and implement the sessions in accordance with the patient’s request and main goal of recovery contribution.
  32. Provide and maintain quality of the counselling and psychoeducation with the respect to the MSF guidelines and ethical standards.
  33. Provide psychoeducation and psychosocial support for the patients under pain management according to their needs.
  34. Work with close cooperation with the peer supporters. Provide support and guidance in sphere of psychoeducation and psychosocial support.
  35. Ensure, maintain and promote confidentiality regarding all information registered.
  36. Respect medical privacy and confidential environment.
  37. Provide information to the vulnerable groups on psychological services available in Gaza.
  38. Be able to present MSF activities and counsellors role to external actors.
  39. Be able to work on remote: provide assessment and psychosocial support by phone and other electronic devises.
  40. Maintain registers and files updated.
  41. Weekly collect qualitative and quantitative data.
  42. Monthly provide the analysis of the activities.
  43. Participate actively in the monitoring and the reporting of ad hoc activities by the request.
  44. Provide comprehensive and clear documentation of the activity.
  45. Participate to the PSS team meeting for exchanging information.


  • Education:

Counseling, social work, psychology or another similar degree/diploma.

  • Experience:

1-year experience essential. Experience with NGO desirable 

  • Languages:

Local language essential. Mission language desirable -Preferably technical English 

  • Competencies:

  1. Results 
  2. Teamwork 
  3. Flexibility
  4. Commitment
  5. Service

How to Apply:

Applicants mأust show their willingness by submitting an updated CV with Motivation Letter, Diploma and Certifications attached, no later than the 03 June 2021 at 16:00 pm to the following email address


stating the job title in the subject line: 

‘No 07/2021 COUNSELOR EDUCATOR- Gaza Project’