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Psychological Supervisor - CISS

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Psychological Supervisor - CISS

  • Psychological Supervisor/ مشرفة نفسية
  • Position:                                Psychological supervisor (F)
  • Contract duration:              5 months
  • Location:                               Gaza - Palestine
  • Starting Date:                      20 May 2021

Background on CISS 

CISS - Cooperazione Internazionale Sud Sud, is an Italian Non-Governmental Organization founded in Palermo in 1985, officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an organization eligible to promote and implement cooperation projects in developing Countries (law 1989/128/3638/O, 6th December 1989). CISS is an NGO of solidarity and international cooperation, whose main purpose is to intervene in favor of the most vulnerable populations in various geographical and socio-economic contexts. CISS’ commitment to support the Palestinian population started in 1988. Originally, in the Gaza Strip the projects focused mainly on the management and improvement of the quality of water resources and mental health and child protection, while in the West Bank particular attention was given to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage and to the integrated agricultural development. In more recent years, CISS turned its attention particularly towards gender, psychosocial programs, women empowerment, capacity building for community-based organizations and on the support for the most vulnerable groups addressed to the Palestinian population of East Jerusalem and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


Under the supervision of the project manager, the Psychological supervisor must achieve the desired objectives of this position, which are as follows:

  1. Plan, coordinate, monitor and effectively evaluate the psychological activities for the project in line with the values and behavior of the organization.
  2. Direct supervision of the implementation and follow-up of all psychological activities of the project, to reach the planned goals. 
  3. Coordinate with relevant internal and external stakeholders to facilitate the implementation of project activities within the project parameters in terms of scope, time and cost.
  4. Manage all inputs and outputs of psychological activities.
  5. Deliver high quality reports on time.


  1. Planning and reviewing all plans and reports related to the psychological activities during the project period.
  2. Following the psychologists working on the project.
  3. Planning and preparing the necessary trainings.
  4. Preparing the working forms of the activities.
  5. implementing field visits to ensure the quality of work.
  6. Conducting needs assessments
  7. Holding periodic meetings to discuss and follow up the progress of work technically.
  8. Preparing monthly and final reports of psychological activities.
  9. Networking and coordination with relevant partners and stakeholders.
  10. Effective documentation of project activities.
  11. Managing all inputs and outputs of women's activities and children's psychological support activities.


  1. Hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Psychology
  2. At least 5 years of experience in psychological support and community work in non-governmental institutions.
  3. Computer skills including the ability to operate Microsoft Office programs.
  4. Excellent speaking and writing communication skills in Arabic and English.
  5. Excellent attention to detail and strong organizational skills including ability to prioritize and multi-task.
  6. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work cooperatively with team members.
  7. Very organized and structured.
  8. Ability to work under pressure.
  9. Good attitude and willingness to improve skills and knowledge.

How to Apply

If you feel you meet the requirements and have the necessary skills, please send your CV and cover letter to the following email:

by maximum 09/05/2021, 03:00 pm.