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Local Administrator /Accountant - WeWorld

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Local Administrator /Accountant - WeWorld

  • Job Title: Local Administrator /Accountant.
  • Country & Base of posting: Occupied Palestinian territory - Gaza.
  • Report to: Deputy Finance Manager & Gaza Head of Base.

WeWorld-GVC (WW-GVC) is an independent Italian organization emerged from the union between GVC NGO (constituted in Bologna in 1971) and WeWorld (founded in Milan in 1999), with the aim of increasing the impact of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid projects in 29 countries, including Italy.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Accountancy and Financial tasks:

  1. - Conduct the proper book-keeping and organizing supporting documents as per WW-GVC financial procedures for all projects implemented in Gaza.
  2. - Participate in the financial planning for the projects, in Gaza and assure the consistency with the budget allocations and inform line managers of any variations.
  3. - Provide monthly review of budget consumption of the activities within the assigned projects.
  4. - Record day by day all the transactions on the financial system, collecting and controlling all the related supporting documents, and ensure that all documentation is completed before the payments due dates (contracts, VAT exemptions, invoices, payment authorizations, purchase orders and procurement procedures when applicable) and after the payment (receipts, copies of cheques etc).
  5. - Collaborate with the DFM for the reconciliation of the projects accountancy regularly.
  6. - Ensure that all projects documents are archived and tidy and set in a proper safe place.
  7. - Management of the field office cash under direct supervision of Area manager (outstanding cash requests, efficiently management of the cash following WWGVC procedure, recording day by day for cash NIS or according to the Expatriate Administrator).
  8. - Provide weekly/bi weekly financial updates to the project teams and managers to facilitate tracking progress.
  9. - Contact the DFM to update availability of funds (bank reconciliation) and prioritize payments with the projects teams accordingly.
  10. - Follow up cash flow for all MOUs with partners, individual MOUs with beneficiaries, contractors and vendors in coordination with the team in Gaza.
  11. - Prepare all needed documents, files or information as asked by the DFM for any audit mission related to any project in Gaza.

Procurements Procedures for projects:

  1. Manage, under the supervision of the Area manager and the Procurement Officer the procurement and tender procedures as follows:
  2. - Support in preparing and updating procurement plans for the projects and track the status of contracts, MOUs, etc. in coordination with the projects teams on weekly basis.
  3. - Assist the procurement officer in filling the annexes of the procurement procedures and in following up the procurement process.
  4. - Preparing the copies of tender dossier making sure that all the companies/vendors/suppliers or service providers that collect and deliver the tender/offer fill the tender’s acceptance lists.
  5. - Ensuring the correct archives of bids with all related documents,
  6. - Checking the documents required by the tenderers/contractors.
  7. - Participating in the tender opening sessions, price analysis with the project team and filling the related documents.
  8. - Assist the procurement officer in preparing the bid /tender opening report and fill the needed documents.
  9. - Control the contractor’s documentation (guaranties and its validity, insurances, and other documents requested).
  10. - Completing the process of preparing and finalizing all types of contracts/suppliers/vendors, individual MOUs with beneficiaries, Amendments and updating them on bi weekly manners.
  11. - Assist in Filling the Procurement Table in collaboration with the Area manager and Project Manager on weekly basis.
  12. - Assist in preparing a list of all clean contractors/vendors/contractors /service providers in coordination with the projects teams and update it monthly basis and communicate with the line manager the ones that should be on the black list based on bad performance, fraud issues or violating any condition or behaviour.
  13. - Responsible of the delivery of the payments (cheques /transfers) to beneficiaries and vendors and collecting receipts in Gaza.
  14. - Plan with the projects teams regarding the payments due dates and priorities based on the cash availability in coordination with the team.
  15. - Participate effectively in all staff meetings.

HR tasks:

  1. - Collect and archive timesheets and send it to Ramallah office.
  2. - Update the vacation /sick leave taken and following.
  3. - Assist the HR person to follow up the staff needs in Gaza.

Other Issues:

  1. - Be available for any other task directly request by the line managers.
  2. - To keep an updated database of all projects implemented in Gaza including projects basic info like donors, partners, beneficiaries and type of benefits received.

Institutional Outputs Responsibilities:

  1. - Procurement Plan and Contingent Update.
  2. - Bi- weekly Cashbook Update.
  3. - Inventory check, monthly update and annual report.
  4. - Timely deliverables according to Individual Action Plan.

Job Requirements:

  1. - At least 5 years of relevant administrative and program support experience.
  2. - University degree in Accounting.
  3. - Excellent team spirit, high ethical standards and coordination skills.
  4. - Dedicated and able to resist stress.
  5. - Highly organized and able to manage several tasks in parallel.
  6. - Initiative spirit mandatory and high level of communication.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should send their CV along with a cover letter, both in English and Position in the email subject, to

 no later than 6th JUN 2021.