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Results Based Management Coordinator - UNDP

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Results Based Management Coordinator - UNDP

  • Job Title:  Results Based Management Coordinator
  • Type of Contract: Service Contract
  • Level: SB4
  • Duty Station: Gaza 
  • Start Date: As soon as possible
  • Duration of Contract: 12 months 
  • Closing Date: 10 May 2021 (midnight New York, USA time)


The United Nations Development Programme/ Programme of Assistance for the Palestinian People (UNDP/ PAPP) operates in an extremely volatile environment, which requires flexibility when designing/ applying strategic programmatic frameworks to measure achievements of results. Results Based Management (RBM) is a broad management strategy adopted by UNDP and aimed at achieving improved performance and demonstrable results, which includes good planning, monitoring, evaluation, learning and feeding back into planning. A strong and streamlined RBM system, that moves beyond ensuring compliance with corporate requirements, and uses RBM to inform strategic direction and priorities, as well as programme/ project design and implementation is key to strengthen the organizations overall impact on the development of the State of Palestine.


An RBM Team is being established with the following objectives:
  1. Ensure adherence to corporate requirements with quality input and in a timely manner;
  2. Ensure timely and quality monitoring and evaluation of projects in compliance with UNDP standards and donors requirements in order to improve programming and achieve results;
  3. Use monitoring and evaluation for organizational learning, to inform management decisions, adjust ongoing programmes and orient future directions; and
  4. Use quantitative and qualitative evidence generated through monitoring and evaluation to prepare quality reports, communicate achievements, position UNDP and mobilize resources.
The RBM Team supports project and programme staff to ensure they apply a common approach, standardized tools, and effective means to plan, monitor and evaluate their projects. Moreover, the RBM Team works closely with other units at UNDP/ PAPP, such as the Communication Unit and the Business Support Services Centre (BSSC) to ensure the successful achievement of the above-mentioned objectives. The RBM Team, through the RBM Specialist, also acts as the focal point for the RBAS RBM Team and is responsible for coordinating the response to requests/ tasks coming from HQ/ RBAS, Deputy Special Representative, etc.
As a part of the RBM Team the RBM Coordinator will be responsible for supporting all RBM efforts at project level, including quality assurance and compliance. The RBM Coordinator will have a primary reporting line to the RBM Specialist, and secondary reporting line to the Assistant Special Representative (Gaza and West Bank/ East Jerusalem respectively). The RBM Specialist will provide strategic guidance and support to the RBM Coordinator on a regular basis.
UNDP/PAPP is seeking a candidate to fill the position of Result-Based Management Coordinator with primary reporting (technical) to the Result-Based Management Specialist and secondary reporting (Administrative) to the Assistant Special Representative. The expected duration of the contract is 12 months and the Service Contract extension will be conditioned on the satisfactory performance evaluation as well as availability of funding under the project.

Summary of key functions:

  1. • Support project design/ planning, M&E and results reporting;
  2. • Support planning, implementation and quality assurance of project evaluations and the use of findings;
  3. • Support quality assurance and compliance with corporate requirements;
  4. • Perform any other duties as assigned by the RBM Specialist, the ASRs or the DSR

  • 1. Support project design/ planning, M&E, and results reporting
  1. • Support Project Managers and Programme Analysts in project design/ planning, including development of RRF, ToCs and M&E plans in coordination with the RBM Specialist;
  2. • Support project /programme teams in key M&E activities (upon request), such as: reviewing progress against milestones/ targets, design of survey or feedback forms;
  3. • Support the project/teams to capture lessons learnt and good practices throughout the project cycle;
  4. • Review project reports to ensure they are results-oriented and evidence-based in collaboration with the RBM Specialist;
  • 2. Support planning, implementation and quality assurance of project evaluations and the use of findings
  1. • Support the RBM Specialist in drafting ToRs, evaluate bidders, accompany the evaluation team and review reports of midterm and final project/ programme evaluations;
  2. • Support the use of findings from mid-term and final project/ programme evaluations, and input for communication materials;
  3. • Support the RBM Specialist in reviewing management response and key actions as well as follow-up with project/ programme teams to ensure key actions are addressed in a timely manner.
  • 3. Support quality assurance and compliance with corporate requirements
  1. • Ensure the continuous update of IATI with all relevant and required information from project/ programme teams;
  2. • Support project (output) level SP linking, Quality Assurance, and inputs for IWP, ROAR, etc. in coordination with the RBM Specialist;
  3. • In coordination with BSSC colleagues, support the project teams in preparing for audit and evaluation missions in coordination with the RBM Specialist as needed.
  • 4. Perform any other duties as assigned by supervisors

Core Competencies:

  1. Innovation:  Ability to make new and useful ideas work: Adept with complex concepts and challenges convention purposefully
  2. Leadership:  Ability to persuade others to follow: Generates commitment, excitement and excellence in others
  3. People Management:  Ability to improve performance and satisfaction: Models independent thinking and action
  4. Communication:  Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform: Synthesizes information to communicate independent analysis
  5. Delivery:  Ability to get things done while exercising good judgement: Meets goals and quality criteria for delivery of products or services

Technical/Functional Competencies:

  1. Project Management:  Ability to plan, organize, and control resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals
  2. Partnerships:  Ability to engage with other agencies, donors, and other development stakeholders and forge productive working relationships
  3. Results-Based Management:  Ability to manage programmes and projects with a strategy aimed at improved performance and demonstrable results
  4. Capacity Development:  Ability to support partner countries' capacity to manage
  5. ODA resources effectively and harmonize with national policy and financing frameworks
  6. Report Writing:  Ability to prepare quality reports




  • BA or equivalent in development/ social sciences, or a related field; relevant MA is an asset.  
  • Professional certificates on M&E or RBM is an asset


  1. At least 5 years of experience specifically focused on RBM and M&E required.
  2. Solid experience in developing results frameworks and Theory of Change, and M&E plans for development projects.
  3. Demonstrated experience working on monitoring and evaluation of development projects/ programme, including lessons learned.
  4. Experience in reviewing and drafting project reports and coordinating or supporting evaluations.
  5. Experience working with international or non-profit organizations is desirable.
  6. Knowledge of the UN system and familiarity with UNDP procedures is a strong asset.

Language Requirements:

Proficiency in Arabic and English languages is required


Non-smoking environment