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PHP Laravel Developer - Logicteca Solutions

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PHP Laravel Developer - Logicteca Solutions‏

Logicteca solution (Canada/Gaza)is seeking to recruit a qualified PHP Laravel Developer who should have the following qualifications:

Job Description:

  1. - Minimum 3 year experience in web development
  2. - Back-end development: PHP, Laravel.
  3. -Full stack prefered.
  4. - Knowledge of front-end development in : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery. nice to know "react"
  5. - Database: MySQL
  6. - prefer knowledge of react (Front end)
  7. - Web Services: SOAP, REST, WSDL, XML.
  8. -Collaborate with a team of developers
  9. -Education Qualifications: Bachelors Degree

                Apply To:

                Be able to work from our office in Gaza.

                Submit your CV to: