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Freelancing Master Coach - MA'AN

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Freelancing Master Coach - MA'AN

MA'AN Development Center is an independent Palestinian development and training institution established in January 1989, registered by law as a non-profit organization. The main office is located in Ramallah and the other branch offices are located in Gaza and Jenin. MA'AN's work is informed by the necessity of creating independent, self-reliant initiatives that lead to the development of human resources for sustainable development, which incorporates values of self-sufficiency and self-empowerment.

MA'AN is working on implementing a project titled "Women bridge to E-work", the project lies under the Short-Term Courses component (STC) in More Job Opportunities Programme (MJO) funded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The overall objective of this program is to utilize the digital sector in providing self-employment opportunities for unemployed female graduates by improving their digital skills.

MA'AN is seeking a competent and highly qualified Freelancing Master Coach who will be responsible for improving skills and coaching 50 female participants -with technical experience in working on flutter, laravel and financial analysis- on how to build their profiles and hunt jobs on the freelancing platforms. The coach will cover the technical aspects in freelancing skills for the 50 females’ participants in cooperation with the project officer under the direct supervision of the manager of MA'AN Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

  • Position Title: Freelancing Master Coach.
  • Location: Gaza Strip.
  • Report to: E-Project Officer.
  • Contract Type: Full time.
  • Contract Duration:  05 months.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Identifying and developing clear and tangible goals for participants so they can work through a plan.
  2. Hold one-to-one sessions and group sessions with participants to discuss specific or general challenges.
  3. Provide technical support for the participants on how to build catchy profiles in different freelancing platforms.
  4. Aiding participants in writing successful job proposals and conducting job tasks with clients and making sure to solve problems case by case.
  5. Monitor commitment and progress made via regular meetings.
  6. Working closely with the project officer to discuss updates, challenges, and any suggestions.
  7. Enhancing performance by identifying strengths and weaknesses, providing encouragement, and giving constructive feedback.
  8. Conduct final overall evaluation for participants and produce a final report.
  9. Staying committed and engaged during the length of the contract.

Essential Experiences and Competencies: 

  1. Bachelor’s degree in ICT, Engineering, Business, or any other related field.
  2. At least three years of solid experience in Internet-based Freelancing/ E-work including training, technical skills building, and coaching.
  3. Have experience as a Freelancing Trainer.
  4. Have a good record of success stories from other supervised freelancers.
  5. Can develop and maintains positive relationships with beneficiaries.
  6. Can communicate technical information in a simplified way.
  7. Have working knowledge of Arabic and English to assist beneficiaries in both languages.
  8. Excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues and beneficiaries.
  9. Integrity and strong identification with MA'AN Core Values.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit an application as per the following: 

Download employment application from the following link: MAAN Employment Application      

Fill in the employment application and save the document with the name of applicant and the position.  

Fill in the required information in the following link:   Click Here

Attach employment application in within the previous link.

Applications will not be considered if employment application is not attached in the previous link.  

Applications will only be accepted until Wednesday 05 May 2021.