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Gaza Sky Geeks: Fundamentals Course Application - Summer 2021

The GSG Code Academy will launch the next cohort of the Fundamentals Course in May 2021. 

The application is open only for Gaza Strip residents, with a focus on South of Gaza.

The Application Deadline is: April 18, 2021

About the Fundamentals course:

This course is designed to quickly and efficiently expose a wider range of participants to career opportunities using coding fundamentals. This is in response to demands from many community members as well as the longer-term needs of the Palestinian labor market to have basic proficiency in digital technology skills.

This is an entire remote course. It is 10 weeks, part-time - 15 hours per week. It provides a comprehensive introduction to web development fundamentals and the professional skills needed to succeed in the twenty-first-century global economy.

The course will be delivered by GSG staff and Coding Career Accelerator alumni and will be 4 sessions a week, with each session 3 hours long.


This course is for individuals who: 

  1. Don't have commitment. 
  2. Have basic English skills. (Reading, Writing, and listening)
  3. Have a strong love for problem-solving and being persistent in the face of challenges.
  4. Have the availability and determination to put in many hours of hard work and effort into completing the application’s technical tasks
  5. Have the willingness to put many hours of effort into self-learning.


  1. . Submit an application now!
  2. . Complete the technical tasks sent to you by email by 29 April 2021
  3. . Problem-solving challenge.
  4. . Online Interviews in May
  5. . Final Selection in May.

How to Apply

Apply Now


See the Frequently Asked Questions here: