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مطلوب منسق/ة مشروع - مؤسسة تامر للتعليم المجتمعي

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 أخصائي نفسي - مؤسسة تامر للتعليم المجتمعي

مطلوب منسق/ة مشروع - مؤسسة تامر للتعليم المجتمعي

Tamer Institute for Community Education was established in 1989 during the first intifada, as a necessarily response to fulfill the Palestinian community need for maintaining identity and supporting cultural dynamics against the Israeli occupation practices. The institute’s evolution was part of a wide inflation of the Palestinian civil society, which aimed at stimulating national initiatives toward creating expressive spaces, creating safe learning environment and developing Palestinian children literature. The institute considers reading, writing and other types of expressive arts as tools through which children and adolescents can express themselves, release their stress, network with their society members and have a leading role in the development of their community.

 For its office in Gaza strip, Tamer Institute is looking for a:

Project Coordinator

Main Duties:

Administrative work
  1. Preparation and follow-up of the project implementation plan, activities follow-up implementation with Tamer and project’s working teams.
  2. Provide day to day supervision of the project team including administrative, financial and logistical support.
  3. Follow-up of human resources issues related to the staff of the project.
  4. Representing the organization in the national and international events related to the program
  5. Providing analytical input of the policy of the project.
  6. Conduct regular field visits.
  7. Act as a focal point with all the stakeholders of the project and maintain close and regular contact with them and related clusters as well.
  8. Promote and adhere to the principles and objectives of Tamer’s safeguarding policy.
  1. Developing the project overall, quarter and monthly plans including the indicators of success, means of verification and assumptions.
  2. Prepare monthly progress reports, quarter and final narrative reports of the project and submit it in English.
  3. Assist in filing and record keeping of project activities and MEAL related activities.


  1. At least three years of experience in the design and implementation of projects, preferably with NGOs.
  2. Bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  3. Excellent background and experience in the child protection field and children’s rights approach.
  4. Profound expertise in analyzing management and community development issues as well as familiarity with developing budgets and financial follow up.
  5. Good command of Arabic, written and spoken English.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their CV and cover letter in MS WORD documents no longer than April 15th, 2021 to the following email address , with reference to the position “Project Coordinator” as the subject. Qualified candidates will be invited to an interview and will be subject to a written test
to measure all the above qualifications.