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Agronomist Field Officer

Main Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate all aspects of Agricultural activities, ensuring data is of high quality and produced on time. 
  2. Assist the Executive Manager, Project Coordinator in designing and coordinating project outputs.
  3. Develop work plans to achieve the agricultural activities in line with the whole project action plan.
  4. Develop a clear and scientific research plan for studying innovative approaches of climate change resistance 
  5. Review climate change implications on agricultural sector and study innovative approaches and their effects on enhancing cultivation process outputs.
  6. Assists in preparations of briefing papers and summary findings of reports and researches.
  7. Conduct the required technical and need assessments of targeted agricultural lands for irrigation purposes include preparing BoQs, technical specifications, condition and pricing.
  8. Support PEF’s procurement officer in preparing for procurement process and participate in proposals opening, technical evaluation and reporting.
  9. Conduct field visits to follow up and monitor progress, take photos, provide technical assistance, ensure quality and safety of implemented work, report progress and manage deviations and conflicts.
  10. Conduct field visits after implementation in regular manner to follow up the cultivation process, and provide required technical assistance whenever it needed to all related parties.
  11. Record data and analyze, document changes compared to other non-adapted, traditional greenhouses and farms.
  12. Use findings of studies and disseminate them through orientation sessions and trainings, among farmers highlighting the learning and positive impact of such practices in increasing resilience to weather conditions and improving production quality and quantity.
  13. Facilitate and organize regular visits of farmers to demonstration pilots to enhance their awareness and provide evidence based good agricultural, smart-climate practices.
  14. Participate in defining selection mechanism of BNFs considering transparency, equality and respecting PEF’s values. 
  15. Keep the project coordinator updated about the project activities, obstacles, changes and any actions my affect the planned outputs.
  16. Track the budget/ expenditure of the ongoing activities under her/his responsibility with the finance department of PEF.
  17. To report regularly, verbally and in writing to the Project coordinator and to represent PEF to other NGO’s, and agencies where requested.
  18. Close up the project activities in professional manner with all required technical and financial reports without any delay as requested by PEF, Oxfam and the donor.

Support program implementation: 

  1. Supports PEF in identifying and address challenges in the project performance to ensure project objectives, outcomes, impacts, and outputs are achieved in line with the resources available and project frameworks. 
  2. Supporting PEF in proposal writing and fundraising for agricultural sector projects, include assessment and analysis.
  3. Responsible to facilitate the implementing of the workshops, meetings, and learning events and visits related to activities under her/his responsibility.

Finance management and accountability:

  1. Ensures PEF resources (monetary or equipment) are protected and never miss-used by staff, volunteers, or beneficiaries. 
  2. Be accountable to PEF funds requested on your behalf by either the Executive Manager or any other staff within or out of the association. 
  3. Ensures value for money is obtained on all activities, goods and services for the project.


  1. Other duties as required. 
  2. You may, occasionally, be required to work on weekends and/or public holidays, for which time off in lieu will be granted.

Competencies and skills


  1. Demonstrates integrity by modeling the PEF's values and ethical standards. 
  2. Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the PEF.
  3. Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
  4. Practices the principles of fair treatment and no harm.


  1. Demonstrates very good understanding of and experience in agricultural engineering / science.
  2. Demonstrates ability to solve problems in the field with partners, local committees and beneficiaries.
  3. Outstanding writing skills, with proven ability to meet tight deadlines.
  4. Communicates sensitively, effectively and creatively across different constituencies.
  5. Very strong organizational and planning skills.
  6. Good IT skills, including office software packages.
  7. Very good familiarity with gender equality issues and data protection policies and procedures.
  8.  Ability to multi-task. 


  1. Focuses on impact and results for the donors/organizations and other stakeholders
  2. Interacts effectively with colleagues and partners
  3. Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude.
  4. Identifies opportunities and builds strong relationships with clients and partners
  5. Demonstrates exceptional ability to remain calm, in control and good humored even under pressure and tight deadlines
  6. Participates effectively in team-based, information-sharing environment, collaborating and cooperating with others
  7. Takes initiative and solves anticipated and real problems.

Language Requirement 

Excellent in English (verbal and written).

Duty station / work location 

PEF offices in Gaza and Rafah based on work requirements

Educational qualifications

  • Minimum qualification Bachelor's degree
  • Maximum qualification M.Sc. degree 
  • Specialization required Agricultural Engineering / Science.
  • Duration 15 Months
  • Directly Reporting to:  Project coordinator

Practical experiences

  1. Minimum of 5 years’ practical experience in agricultural sector especially in fields of scientific researches and cultivation.
  2. Minimum of 2 years of practical experience with NGOs, and CBOs.
  3. Demonstrated excellent experience in climate change studies and its effect on agricultural sector.
  4. Demonstrated high scientific researching skills including literature review, identification of best research methodologies, case studies, data collection, analysis, comparison and results’ developing.
  5. Demonstrated abilities to develop clear research’s plans in line including verification and validation of data.
  6. Demonstrated excellent experience in developing different types of reports (progress, research, technical, final … etc.).
  7. Demonstrated deep knowledge and experience regard optimization of crops’ production rate.
  8. Demonstrated excellent experience about irrigation by Treated wastewater and the technical requirements related to, public health issues, irrigation network design and implementation.
  9. Demonstrated experience in developing BoQs, technical specification, conditions and pricing of irrigations’ projects.
  10. Demonstrated experience in managing CFW activities, selection of BNFs, implementation of plants’ shading, implementation of greenhouses and agricultural development projects.
  11. Demonstrated knowledge of smart and climate resilient greenhouses’ specifications, technologies, implementation and operation.
  12. Demonstrated experience in follow up field work activities including supervising contractors technically and contractually to ensure achieving targeted outputs.
  13. Good knowledge about MEAL activities including follow up progress and reporting with reference to indicators.
  14. Demonstrated experience in capturing learning and documenting lessons learned.

General notes:

Palestinian Environmental Friends Association (PEF) is an equal opportunities employer. Women are encouraged to apply for this position

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit their CVs, certificates and supporting documents through Apply Now use link below

- Only shortlisted will be contacted.

For inquiries, please call the Association's telephone number: 2131506