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Special Education Therapist

Special Education Therapist - Gaza
April 2021-March 2022



Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is the international relief and development agency of the Catholic community in the United States.  CRS supports more than 100 million people in more than 100 countries on five continents. CRS works with local partners to promote human development by responding to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, and nurturing peaceful and just societies; and serve Catholics in the United States as they live their faith in solidarity with their brothers and sisters around the world. CRS’ World Headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

CRS established an office in Jerusalem in 1961 and has maintained a continuous presence throughout the intervening decades of turbulence and change.  Today, CRS’ strategic focus is on programs addressing food security, civil society strengthening, peacebuilding, the provision of humanitarian assistance. CRS employs 48 staff, spread across three offices in Jerusalem, Gaza City, and Bethlehem. 

In Gaza, CRS has maintained an active presence and diverse portfolio of humanitarian response and development programs.  CRS’ current work includes e-vouchers to support vulnerable households with access to food and critical living supplies, shelter rehabilitation for families living in sub-standard housing, psychosocial support for children, adolescents, and caregivers, job training and career opportunities for female youth, and medical and emotional support to children with severe disabilities. CRS is supporting COVID-19 prevention and response at both the household and facility level. 


CRS seeks a special education therapist for its MOVE+ Project supporting children with disabilities and the Missionaries of Charity in Gaza.



Children and youth with multiple or severe disabilities are the most disadvantaged in access to sufficient and quality services in Gaza. The Missionaries of Charity (MoC) provide care on average to 40-50 children and adolescents with cognitive and physical disabilities, often experiencing multiple or severe disabilities. MoC staff and daily workers provide these children and adolescents with care, including meals, a place to sleep and referrals to external medical care as needed, while encouraging family engagement and connection with the children and adolescents. From 2019, CRS implemented a Pilot MOVE project to help increase the abilities of children to lead more interconnected and independent lives. This new project offers an opportunity to provide further support and help targeted children and adolescents with severe disabilities in Gaza to have improved motor skills (e.g. ability to sit, stand, walk, and transition).

Description of Work:

The special education therapist’s tasks will include: 
  1. Liaise with the project team: Participate in discussions and meetings related to children’s cases and progress, summarize key information in a concise and timely manner, and elevate key findings. Support care plans of children and other technical and care providers through dedicated individualized and responsive plans to include any special considerations.
  2. Provide rehabilitation treatment to the children: Apply MOVE techniques. Monitor and evaluate children's performance, behavior, social development, and physical health within the special education classes. Apply special education strategies and mechanisms during teaching to improve the development of sensory skills and cognitive motor skills, language, knowledge, and memory. Provide specialized training for children with disabilities daily life skills required for self-reliance such as personal hygiene, safety, and food preparation
  3. Identify special education therapy needs of children in environment: Serve as CRS’ focal point for special education therapy needs and recommendations as related to children in their environment and any adaptive measures. Provide CRS concise and accurate analysis of existing capacities of facilities and support needed. Regularly assessing the progress of each child, collaborate with relevant stakeholders to make environments more appropriate and accessible.
    • Provide technical inputs into MOVE+ project learning and adaptive management: Under the guidance of the FO and PM, support the review of MOVE programming that has been piloted to understand its implementation and any adaptations required. 

    Deliverables include:

    • Initial assessment for each child.
    • Individualized assessment plan for each child. 


    1. The special education therapist will receive an initial briefing from the Program Manager (PM), Field Officer (FO), and other relevant staff to provide additional context and parameters to the scope of work.
    2. The special education therapist should plan for daily check-ins and coordination with key stakeholders and CRS project staff.
    3. The special education therapist will work at the MoC home.  
    4. The special education therapist will report directly to the FO and MoC staff, with close coordination with PM and other project staff.
    5. The special education therapist will participate in travel for training or to carry out project objectives as necessary.


          Consultant/s should possess the following expertise and skills: 

          Technical Skills: 

          1. University Degree in Special Education. 
          2. 3 years experience working in the field of special education.
          3. Experience providing technical assistance to individuals with disabilities, especially those with cerebral palsy.  
          4. Demonstrated application of technical principles and concepts in special education therapy for individuals with disabilities. General knowledge of other related health disciplines to ensure proper cross-sectoral approach.
          5. Familiarity with MOVE methodology preferred.
          6. Understanding of partnership principles.
          7. Fluency in Arabic required; English a plus.

                    Personal Skills: 

                    1. Excellent relationship management skills and ability to work with diverse team of individuals and stakeholders.
                    2. Strong strategic, analytical, problem-solving skills and ability to make sound judgment.
                    3. Strong written and oral communication skills.
                    4. Strong presentation, facilitation, training, mentoring, and coaching skills.
                    5. Proactive, resourceful, and results-oriented.

                          How to Apply

                          Application and Bidding Procedure:

                          Interested parties should submit the bidding proposal containing the following: 
                          The person needs to be present in Gaza. 
                          Cover Letter (1 page) – outlining the key qualifications and relevant skills/experience for the consultancy according to the Scope of Work
                          CV or Resume
                          Application Form (1 page) – see template below including references and financial offer.

                          How to apply: 

                          Interested applicants with relevant experience and education are encouraged to apply as follows: 
                          This announcement is available at

                          CRS will review the above qualifications of the specific individuals wishing to fulfil the role. 
                          Technical applications should include all items identified above (cover letter, CV, application form).  Financial offers should include prices in US Dollars ($) and must be valid up till 90 days after the submission date.  The financial offer should include both a daily and/or monthly rate. The total cost should be “all-inclusive” and cover all costs that are the responsibility of the consultant including travel, supplies, and any required insurance and taxes.

                          Please submit your complete application online at: no later than 31 March 2021.

                          CRS reserves the right to interview candidates, request supporting documentation for experience and expertise, or request additional information or documentation that could facilitate selection.
                          CRS reserves the right to reject all bids, and to decide not to pursue this procurement. CRS is not obliged to procure the lowest priced offer, when the lowest price does not offer the best overall value, all other factors considered. 
                          For any questions, kindly contact Head of Office – Gaza; Mr. Bassam Nasser at