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مطلوب مطور اندرويد - مؤسسة عمل بلا حدود

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مطلوب مطور اندرويد - مؤسسة عمل بلا حدود

Technology Co., in Saudi Arabia in Cooperation with Work Without Borders -Palestine-Gaza , announces its need for a  (Android Developer) according to the conditions described below.Those who have the requirements below, fill out the following form: 

Basic requirements :

  1. Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering/Science, Software Engineering or Information
  2. Technology. (Or no-degree with 5+ years experience).
  3. Minimum 5 year experience in developing Android applications (Senior Developer).
  4. Experience in dealing with ( Java ).
  5. Mobile UI design knowledge.
  6. Experience in dealing with (web services, particularly REST APIs).
  7. Understanding of CI/CD is an advantage.
  8. Fast in development and delivery.
  9. The ability to accomplish work remotely.
  10. The ability to work under pressure.
  11. Experience in using Git.
  12. Having web development experience is huge plus.
  13. Candidate must be self-driven and self-dependent.

Job Description :

  1. Work in developing a mobile app for the company itself, and provide technical oversight.
  2. Requires fast development and quick iterations.
  3. Programming using Java language.
  4. Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
  5. Strong in communications and interpersonal skills.
  6. If you have web-development experience too, you’ll be responsible in maintaining the web
  7. app too, and will be highly possible to work with us full time.


  • Monthly Salary: dependent on qualifications.
  • Employment Type: 1 Year .
  • Full Time .
  • Deadline is Sunday: 21/03/2021.

How to Apply: