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مطلوب مساعد/ة رقابة وتقييم ومتابعة - الهيئة الطبية الدولية

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مطلوب مساعد/ة رقابة وتقييم ومتابعة - الهيئة الطبية الدولية

MEAL Assistant

International Medical Corps is working to relieve the suffering of those impacted by war, natural disaster and disease by delivering vital health care services that focus on training, helping devastated populations return to self-reliance. IMC has been working in Gaza since 2009 and is currently implementing a project to support health service provision in partnership with local NGOs.

International Medical Corps never asks job applicants for a fee, payment, or other monetary transaction. If you are asked for money in connection with this recruitment, please report to International Medical Corps at the website provided at the end of this document. 

  • International Medical corps is currently looking for: MEAL Assistant.
  • Capacity: Full Time Contract 
  • Location: Gaza City.
  • Reports to MEAL officer  

Main Responsibilities:

The MEAL Assistant will:

  1. Participate in MEAL work plans development and understand the MEAL Assistant’s role and operate within the MEAL work plans. 
  2. Support the maintenance of MEAL tools for the monitoring of Project activities.
  3. Coordinate with the MEAL Officer, Technical Advisors’, and Consortium partners’ planned activities for Project monitoring. 
  4. Ensure adherence to prescribed methodologies of sampling, data collection and data entry.
  5. Assist in the implementation and strengthening of all planned MEAL activities for the Project, in coordination with MEAL Officer.
  6. Provide administrative and technical support to hired enumerators/assessment teams, and Partner staff in data collection during routine implementation, reviews, and evaluations. 
  7. Support MEAL Officer as needed in the helping sub-grantees to have high-quality health management information systems.
  8. Participate in organizing and undertaking reviews and surveys to provide primary data for ongoing assessment/evaluation. 
  9. Enter various data collected into the Project MEAL database 
  10. Ensure proper filing of reports and data collection tools.
  11. Verify and ensure accuracy of entered data. 
  12. Enter all relevant, finalized MEAL reports or data into online systems.
  13. Prepare and sort received documents and identifying forms that need to be entered.
  14. Assist MEAL Officer to provide regular reports on the status of databases.
  15. Support the MEAL Officer in the analysis of data in line with the MEAL framework.
  16. Participate in the training of Project and sub-grantee staff in monitoring of activities based on indicators and targets set out in the PMP.
  17. Help to plan and prepare material for routine MEAL meetings of the MEAL Focal Points from the Consortium; present Project information as requested by MEAL Officer. 
  18. Ensures Community-Based Feedback and Response Mechanisms (CBFRM) are put in place; beneficiaries and staff are made aware of the process; and the timely and appropriate response to complaints in coordination with programs.
  19. Support the planning, coordination, and execution of internal and external events such as, organizational project learning events, annual project performance reviews, and presentations at external meetings by developing, collecting, and disseminating relevant information on monitoring, evaluation and research.
  20. Liaise with staff in other organizations and sub-grantees/contractors to facilitate the flow of information.
  21. Ensure there is no duplication of data, target groups, and activities implemented within the framework of the program.
  22. Conduct site visits when requested to monitor and assist partners in data collection process to ensure data quality.
  23. Undertake all protocols for field monitoring with appropriate local partners. 
  24. Carry out other tasks as identified by the MEAL Officer.

                                                            Qualifications and Skills:

                                                            1. University degree in Statistics, Math’s, Management Information System, or any relevant field.
                                                            2. Three years of working experience in health-related organizations. INGOs experience is a plus.
                                                            3. Good level of English.
                                                            4. Excellent level of computer skills and statistics programs.

                                                                      How to apply: 

                                                                      Interested and qualified individuals are encouraged to fill the application in the link below no later than March 28, 2021.

                                                                      Fill the application

                                                                      Website for reporting misconduct: Please do not submit your CV or application to this website, it will not be considered for review.