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1- مطلوب مساعد/ة موارد مالية وبشرية - مؤسسة ميد قلوبال

Finance and HR Assistant 



  • Job Title: Finance and HR Assistant 
  • Position Category Regular Employee
  • Job Location: Gaza Strip 
  • Reports to: Country Representative  
  • Start date: As soon as possible 
  • Closing Date: February 15, 2020




MedGlobal is an international medical non-profit organization providing health services to people in need, including refugees and displaced persons, in disaster and underserved regions. The organization is composed of medical and public health volunteers of diverse backgrounds.




The Finance and HR Assistant  is responsible for the accounting and finance activities of our programs in Gaza with a particular focus on the bank and cash handling in line with MedGlobal policies and procedures and in accordance with the local employment legislation and practice. As well as recruiting staff, payroll, handling VAT, Tax and registration forms.




Finance and Accounting

  1. Carry out the day-to-day accounting functions of the program including, but not limited to:
  2. Prepare bank and cash voucher payments and daily transaction reports
  3. Employees and logistics cash advances 
  4. QuickBooks data entry- financial system 
  5. Daily/monthly cash counts  
  6. Payroll monthly report
  7. Manage in-country cash, ensuring sufficient amounts are available at all times and that necessary security measures are in place and are being followed.
  8. Work on submitting all the required financial reports and supporting documents to the legal entities are required as per the registration application.
  9. Work closely with the MedGlobal Head Office and Gaza office program Manager on all regisaration submissions such as projects audit reports completion and new project budget preparation.
  10. Pay supplier invoices either directly or in conjunction with team members and in accordance with agreements made. 
  11. Prepare and Pay local employees’ salaries and allowances as agreed, ensuring that all required statutory deductions are made and subsequently paid to the appropriate authorities. 
  12. Support colleagues in cash handling and financial transactions, providing coaching and guidance as required
  13. Ensure that all payments according to the MedGlobal finance manual and  procurement threshold. 
  14. Prepare for and support internal and external financial audits, providing all information required by local legislation, donors, HQ, or other bodies
  15. Ensure a clear and transparent paper trail is adhered to for all financial transactions and that all filing and archiving are in line with MedGlobal and donor requirements which follow international accounting standards.
  16. Conduct regular cash and bank reconciliations, verifying amounts held and reporting any discrepancies
  17. Prepare and manage all VAT, tax preparation, and renew MedGlobal office registration forms as needed.
  18. Monthly Cash forecast for the sub office, provide cash forecasts, manage cash in/out and sub office financial reporting.
  19. Monitoring procedures are in place to ensure that there is a Zero tolerance approach to bribery, fraud and corruption
  20. A weekly scan for all  finance and HR documents as per MedGlobal filling system 
  21. Ensure that all the country documents related finance and HR is scanned and uploaded to MedGlobal Google drive. 

Human Resources & Administration

  1. Ensure all employment practices for nationally recruited staff comply with local labor laws, seek advice from local lawyers, and benchmark with other NGOs in-country as applicable
  2. Work with relevant colleagues to ensure the preparation, payment, and record-keeping of staff salaries and/or allowances is done in a timely manner and in accordance with local employment regulations, ensuring that all required statutory deductions are made and subsequently paid to the appropriate authorities
  3. Ensure all employees have a personnel file containing all relevant documentation and information and archived according to MedGlobal policy, local law, and any donor requirements
  4. Ensure line managers/team members receive any necessary training, advice, mentoring, or coaching on performance management or any other relevant areas of finance and HR.
  5. Maintain open and frequent communication with field management and the HQ HR Officer concerning all HR issues
  6. Ensure team members are informed of the required HR procedures, and be available to answer any HR related questions and to provide coaching and guidance as necessary
  7. Ensure relevant HR and accountant documentation are made available to staff in a language they understand. 
  8. To ensure regular updates of the staff database, validations of staff leaves days and manage staff files.
  9. Co-ordinate the recruitment process for new/vacant positions in conjunction with the country representative and the program manager. This includes job descriptions, advertising, short-lists, interviews, and the appointment


  1. Cwork on the monthly, and annual Finance and HR reports
  2. Conduct regular internal audits and report immediately any possible fraud or theft.
  3. Prepare and manage VAT, tax preparation, and renew MedGlobal office registration forms as needed, including all the relevant reports. 

Delegated Responsibilities

  1. Ensure that MedGlobal program legal compliance of in-country human resources activities in accordance with MedGlobal, donor, national and international requirements
  2. Ensure that all Medglobal documentation is constantly updated to MedGlobal Google drive
  3. Confidentiality of information held on individual staff
  4. Implement and improve human resources systems and policies

Educational and Professional:

  1. University degree in relevant subject or equivalent professional qualification
  2. Minimum 3 years of progressively responsible work experience in finance, accounting and human resource


  1. Experience with international donors ( such as OCHA, USAID,UN and EU) financial principles and guidelines 
  2. Experience in banking/handling foreign remittance/donations is a must.
  3. Experience with employment agreements, financial data and HR records management
  4. Experiencing with basic budgeting methods
  5. Experience with report writing and generation
  6. Excellent attention to detail and strong organizational and project coordination skills
  7. Strong Communication and language skills, spoken and written in both languages Arabic and English
  8. Flexibility and ability to work under pressure
  9. Willingness to work outside of normal business hours as required
  10. Excellent computer skills of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Google drive

How to apply: 

Please submit a resume/CV and cover letter as PDFs to

with the subject line “Last Name, First Name - Finance and HR Officer - Gaza.” Only English resumes will be considered.


Applications that do not follow these instructions will not be considered

2- مطلوب مدير/ة برنامج - مؤسسة ميد قلوبال

Program Manager

Program Manager

Scope of work


  • Job Title: Program Manager 
  • Job Location: The Gaza Strip
  • Job Status: Full-time (40 hours/week) 
  • Contract duration: 12 months
  • Reports to: Country Representative
  • Start date: As soon as possible 




MedGlobal is an international medical non-profit organization providing health services to people in need, including refugees and displaced persons, in disaster and underserved regions. The organization is composed of medical and public health volunteers of diverse backgrounds.




The Gaza Program Manager will be responsible for managing, consolidating, and ensuring smooth

implementation of the programs and operational activities, and all subsequent expansion/extension as required, as well as adherence to logistics, human resources, administration, and security procedures. The Program Manager will be responsible for the overall management and technical direction of all MedGlobal programs in The Gaza Strip. 




Project Planning and Implementation

  1. Responsible for collecting projects' needs and risk assessments.
  2. Create detailed work plans which identify and sequence the activities needed to successfully complete the projects. Lead the development and review of annual and quarterly projects work plans.
  3. Create curriculum, training materials, ensuring quality of materials and activities for each project.
  4. Oversee and manage the implementation of MedGlobal projects, ensuring that technical quality and standards are considered and respected during project(s) implementation
  5. Ensure strategic program planning for upcoming program cycles in line with available funding, and identify funding gaps where needed
  6. Ensure Standard list of medications, medical equipment and consumables in accordance with WHO’s commodity list.
  7. Ensure timely achievement of the project’s activities, goals, and objectives.
  8. Oversee all program management functions including planning, management, reporting, budgeting, and supervision
  9. Responsible for developing policies, processes and standards within respective areas
  10. Ensure implementation of activities as per the work plan and all related documents and logistics are prepared and approved.
  11. Provide clear guidance and support and ensure implementation plans, policies and requirements are properly communicated to all program staff.
  12. Ensure quality control processes and tools are developed ensuring technical and performance quality standards are upheld.
  13. Ensure that relevant beneficiary data is collected, compiled, analyzed and distributed and that relevant assessments are conducted in the project area

Program Coordination and partnerships

  1. Maintain contact with Partner NGO(s) for issues including staffing and supply issues, volunteer transportation and accommodation, and troubleshoot any potential issues.
  2. Nurture and expand contact with local partners, local authorities, and local communities’ leaders in the project’s supported areas.
  3. Facilitate weekly senior management and monthly program review meetings to review project progress and performance based on quarterly work plan/Procurement Plan.
  4. Represent the organization in cluster and coordination meetings with the other implementing partners and other meetings as necessary.
  5. Represent MedGlobal at the various countrywide, regional, and local meetings of the UN and other refugee agencies.
  6. Build partnerships with other NGOs and continue to investigate resources available in the area.
  7. Communicate and meet with interested parties regarding potential activities, including potential or current donors
  8. Increase the visibility and credibility of MedGlobal's program in the area and maintain close relations with all relevant stakeholders including other local and international organizations.

Finance & Logistics management

  1. Work closely with the Finance Desk Officer on the monthly spending reports and all the required documentation per organization policy, in coordination with MedGlobal procurement threshold and Finance Manual.
  2. Work closely with the Finance Desk Officer  and program team on the preparation of the projects’ budgets and monthly forecasting reports and control budget expenses to prevent over and under spending.


  1. Participates in the selection, follow up of doctors, clinical officers, nursing and medical related staff in cooperation with the different supervisors, and the HR department.
  2. Ensures that job descriptions of all medical staff are properly done and updated and staff understand their responsibilities.
  3. Ensures that all medical staff promotes and maintains confidentiality regarding all patient cases, records, informed consent in case of need to transfer data or take photos.
  4. Perform additional duties at the request of the Program Coordinator.
  5. Update the head office on the country security situation that may affect the projects’ implementation.

Reporting & Transparency

  1. Ensure analysis of medical data, and provide explanation and comments on the medical activities on weekly, bi-weekly, and Monthly basis (as needed)
  2. Manage country monthly monitoring & evaluation activities and reports as needed 
  3. Ensure project records and documents are adequately prepared, compiled and filed according to MedGlobal procedures
  4. Ensure staff awareness of, and respect of, MedGlobal’s code of conduct and procedures.
  5. Provide quality control and guidance to employees/volunteers/HQ regarding supported clinical activities.

Education And Professional:

  1. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health or any relevant fields .
  2. At least 4 years of relevant experience with an international non-profit organization in a clinic, hospital, or public health department.
  3. At least 2 years of working experience in emergency response projects/programs will be an added advantage.
  4. Experience with principles and guidelines of program planning and implementation.
  5. An extensive network of contacts in Gaza local authorities, UN agencies, INGOs and NGOs.
  6. Experiencing project proposals, budgeting methods, report writing and generation.
  7. Experience with computer systems and related software applications.
  8. Willingness to work in a low-resource setting with potential security risks.
  9. Excellent attention to detail and strong organizational and project coordination skills.
  10. Fluency in English.
  11. Flexibility and ability to work under pressure.

How to apply: 

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to

with the subject line: “Gaza- Program Manager ” - Only English resumes will be considered.


Thank you for your interest in working with MedGlobal!