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برنامج منحة أهداف لطلاب البكالوريوس الفلسطينيين

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برنامج منحة أهداف لطلاب البكالوريوس الفلسطينيين



This section is for students in Palestine who want to apply for support from Ahdaf.

We ask that you read the pages here carefully before submitting your application.

Here are a few tips before you start:

  1. You must be intending to undertake study for your first undergraduate degree
  2. Ahdaf will support young people who have not attended university before and may consider students who are enrolled and in their first year
  3. You must be intending to study at a university in the West Bank or Gaza
  4. We only pay tuition fees: not travel, registration or anything else
  5. You have to run a project for the duration of your studies. This means you need to look at your community and think about what you can do to make it a better place for everyone. You need to think about how you can make a positive contribution to your community
  6. You must fill out the entire application form. Incomplete forms will be rejected

How to apply

Please read this page thoroughly. It tells you how to apply to Ahdaf.

To apply for financial support, you must fill out the application form. When you download the form, please re-name it using your own name (in English). Forms should be completed in Arabic and sent to

Please complete it with as much information as possible and e-mail it to us. Do not leave any questions unanswered.

You must fill out the entire application form. Incomplete forms will be rejected.

If you have any questions or would like to ask questions about any part of the process, please email us.


Please consider the following as you complete your application. Those that tend to do well when reviewed are ones that:

  1. have a strong community project proposal which is well researched and thought out
  2. come from applicants in serious financial difficulty
  3. come from students who have done well at school
  4. are from young people who have not yet enrolled on a course

Voluntary project

We want you to think about the types of activities you can do with no cost other than your time and enthusiasm. Strong projects should encourage partnership and relationship-building in your local community. What will make a difference where you live?

Some students have clearly thought very hard about how they can effect change in their communities and we have had some excellent submissions over the years. Here are some ideas we’ve had in the past:

  • establishing a local library
  • teaching English at a UN school
  • helping establish a needlework group
  • producing youth group video diaries
  • providing computer coaching to children or re-training adults with new skills
  • setting up a sports team
  • a Nakba history project
  • local land use documentation projects
  • working with disabled people
  • setting up youth theatre programmes
  • running play sessions in orphanages
  • helping to restore historic buildings
  • running adult literacy groups
  • planting a public garden
  • Finally, there are some factors that may not help an application:
  • you have already started university
  • you are studying medicine or a course that takes longer than four years
  • your family has regular income
  • your family is able to pay for brothers and sisters to go to university
  • Please note, Ahdaf does not provide financial support for students who have already gained a degree.

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