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ASP.NET Developer - Logicteca Solutions‏

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ASP.NET Developer - Logicteca Solutions‏

Job Title: ASP.NET Developer (Expert or intermediate, 3 positions open)
(Gaza office to work on international projects).

Job Description:

  1. Work as part of a small team to develop a web application in ASP.NET Core for clients in the United States, Canada.
  2. Duration: 6 to 11 months contract with the possibility of extension.
  3. * Hours of operation: (full time 9am to 5pm) or (part-time 4pm to 9pm)

Experience required:

  1. 3 years or more in writing applications in ASP.NET C#. (MVC), .NET core
  2. 3 years or more in designing Database in MS-SQL Server
  3. 3 years in building web pages in using jQuery, javascript, Ajax.
  4. Be able to work from our office in Gaza.

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