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FSL Business Development Officer-Action Against Hunger 

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Action Against Hunger is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-political, non-denominational and non-profit making organisation working in the Palestinian Territory since 2002.

Action Against Hunger is recruiting for its Gaza office a

FSL Business Development Officer

For a period of 6 months with possibility of extension based on fund

General Objective

In the framework of food security and livelihoods programming in Gaza, the Business development officer will support the Head of Project in the implementation, monitoring and field evaluation of projects. The Business development officer will collaborate fully with the Head of Project in the following general tasks:

  1. To develop and carry out coaching of business coaches on training and coaching practices with beneficiaries through market and community-oriented support throughout the business life cycle and personal development (soft and life skills) of beneficiaries.
  2. To lead the development and implementation of all business development activities/initiatives, including social businesses. 
  3. To create business partnership strategy including market linkages activities, to create coaching and training tools and ensure quality implementation of business training and coaching with IGAs, micro businesses and social businesses.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Planning and Implementation of Business Creation Activities:

  1. Responsible for the planning of business creation and development activities within different projects in coordination with team and in collaboration with heads of projects.
  2. Responsible to draft budget activities forecast reporting to heads of projects. 
  3. Coordinate with logistics and finance departments for the organization and implementation of business activities.
  4. Lead beneficiary selection process with support of business coaches guided by head of project (including announcement, technical evaluation, and interviews).
  5. Monitor field activities to support business coach team and ensure quality implementation.
  6. Coordinate with external trainers, hired by AAH, to deliver specific trainings to beneficiaries within the entrepreneurship training manual.
  7. Coordinate between the various on-going projects and manage the synergies and joint business activities.
  8. Assist team by developing relevant business training and coaching tools aligned with AAH VIVES methodology. 
  9. Support team and the Heads of Project in conducting awareness sessions, focus group discussions, visibility campaigns and other project related events. 
  10. Coordinate and monitor local partners’ performance. 
  11. Identify gaps in activities, tools and information and propose solutions and improvements relating to project progress.
  12. Assist heads of project maintaining beneficiary database with up-to-date information and tracking of beneficiaries’ progress and challenges. 
  13. Assist in preparing monitoring plans and implementation procedures for each activity.

Business Partnerships Development 

  1. Identify key stakeholders for business and pathways partnerships, define partnership strategy and support head of project to manage the relationships with the pertinent stakeholders and actors.
  2. Liaise and network with private sector entities, other consortia, and other relevant actors to create market linkages opportunities through specific activities/initiatives in the relevant sectors to enhance business development of the targeted beneficiaries and strengthen their linkages to the markets.  
  3. Support business coaches by providing legal frameworks and procedures regarding business creation and development.
  4. Support Head of Project in identifying current developments and interventions on green economy, circular economy and social businesses.
  5. Collect and update context information regarding business development trends and partnerships to support the development of the FSL strategy.

HR & Team Management

  1. Participate in the recruitment process for positions related to the project.
  2. Evaluate team members upon the completion of a staff members probation period and in the yearly appraisal and to ensure sufficient induction and integration into the team.
  3. Validate each Project team members’ leave plan request, considering the project time plan and Action Against Hunger internal regulations.
  4. Identify gaps and needs of business coaches to provide training and coaching modules to beneficiaries and provide ad hoc coaching and communicate training needs to Head of Project.
  5. Support the knowledge transfer within the FSL department in Gaza base and with West Bank base.

Reporting, Needs Assessments and Capitalisation Exercises:

  1. Reporting of field activities to the Head of Project (materials delivered, work achieved, beneficiaries’ attendance, obstacles and constraints) taking into consideration reporting requirements and monitoring and/or evaluation tools and indicators. 
  2. Participate in the preparation of the monthly "Activity Progress Reports" (APRs) and submit to the Head of Project. 
  3. Participate in the preparation and collection of data for communication, advocacy and capitalization purposes (case studies, etc) .
  4. Conduct the needed focus group discussions in collaboration with MEAL department with vulnerable groups to assess their capacity and the application of VIVES methodology in their areas. 
  5. Support in the development and adaptation of AAH methodologies to match the need and the context of the vulnerable areas within the project’s scope.
  6. Participate in the planning and implementation of the capitalization process of the final products that are generated from the project: manuals, guides, etc.
  7. Follow up on the data entry for collected data by Business Coaches of supported businesses.

Profile of the Candidate:

  1. University degree in Social Sciences (Psychology, Pedagogy, Social Education, Development Studies, Social Work, Sociology), Business management, Economics.
  2. Team management and coaching.
  3. Knowledge of business creation.
  4. Proven relevant field experience in livelihoods support and creation in the Gaza Strip. 
  5. Minimum of 2 years managing, training and coaching teams. 
  6. Minimum 3 years of directly proven experience in coordinating economic empowerment initiatives.
  7. Minimum 3 years of experience in providing technical expertise on market linkages, business expansion and partnerships.
  8. Knowledge in humanitarian/emergency and/or development programming is a plus.
  9. Team management skills, team spirt and focus on improving teams’ knowledge and perspective. 
  10. Great planning and organization skills
  11. Problem solving skills, analytical thinking skills and ability to influence others.
  12. Flexibility and ability to work under pressure.
  13. Fluency in reading, writing and speaking Arabic and English. 
  14. Word, Excel, Power Point and Internet
  15. Valuable prior experience in issues related to the promotion of gender equality or personal commitment to gender equality.

آلية التقديم

Action Against Hunger is an equal opportunities employer. Women are encouraged to apply for this position

We will only consider the candidacies received by our online service. Please click on Apply Now to access to the service

Applications will be accepted up to and including the 06/02/2021.

Only those candidates pre-selected for a test and an interview will be contacted.

For applicants previously applied, please do not re-send your application.