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مطلوب مدرس/ة تكنولوجيا معلومات - المدرسة البريطانية الدولية

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مطلوب مدرس/ة تكنولوجيا معلومات - المدرسة البريطانية الدولية

Job vacancy announcement:

Context of the mission:

1 Job vacancy for ICT

Main responsibilities:

  1. Teaching ICT for primary and secondary stages.
  2. Tackling computer or software technical issues
  3. Writing weekly progress and assessment reports
  4.  Responding to any additional demands related to ICT field.


  1. BA Graduate from Palestinian-certified universities or other related international universities.
  2.  Able to work in a full-time contract
  3. Obtaining an academic average no less than 90%
  4.  Good command at the English spoken and written language.
  5.  Experience in the teaching field.

آلية التقديم

Interested applicants should fill out an application. The application link is provided below :

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