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Skills Development Expert - Enabel

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Skills Development Expert

Skills Development Expert

Title (m/f/x) - Workplace

Enabel is the Belgian development agency. It implements Belgium’s governmental cooperation. The agency also implements actions for other national and international donors. With its partners in Belgium and abroad Enabel offers solutions addressing pressing global challenges: Climate Change, Urbanisation, Human Mobility, Peace and Security, Economic and Social Inequality, and Global Citizenship. With 1,500 staff, Enabel manages about 150 projects in twenty countries, in Belgium, Africa and the Middle East.

Enabel Palestine is seeking to recruit a highly qualified candidate to fill the position of National Skills Development Expert. This person will be a member of the project team of “Skilled Young Palestine – Improving Resilience and Job Opportunities for Youth” and will be working at the Enabel office in Gaza. The project period is 4 years (started in January 2020), the period of assignment is 3 years.

Job description

The Skills Development Expert ensures adequate implementation of activities related to skills development and delivery, with a particular focus on private sector involvement in training and employment.

(S)he works with the Skills Development Experts based in Gaza and in the West-Bank, and under the supervision of the Intervention Manager, to ensure excellent service delivery to the intervention.


  1. Contribute to the implementation of the intervention by providing input for planning, execution, coordination, and monitoring and evaluation of activities related to the set-up, the roll-out and monitoring the activities 
    1. - Determine technical specifications when preparing procurement documents
    2. - Identify additional technical expertise required for implementing the activities
    3. - Contact and establish relations with all interesting or needed stakeholders
    4. - Provide and coordinate the necessary technical input to achieve the results (colleagues, national partners, national and international consultants, etc.)
    5. - Permanently update information so that it is available to the M&E systems and that the performance of the programme/intervention can be measured 
    6. - Update the factual data (evidence) to be fed into de decision-making process
    7. - Put in place genuine learning dynamics through permanent monitoring of activities fostering short learning loops
    8. - Develop/complete the databases in order to allow for digital and up-to-date management of information 
    9. - Provide for mechanisms and methods allowing for correct scientific monitoring of achievements
    10. - Remain informed of recent interesting evolutions in the specific area of expertise
    11. - Participate to scientific and technical forums in that specific area
    12. - Carry out required prospecting to remain innovative and creative in achieving the expected change
    13. - Provide structured and comprehensible feedback to all team members
    14. - Produce, depending on the needs, the necessary strategy and technical papers with and for the partner 
    15. - Participate to the strategy dialogue at the sector and technical level
    16. - Ensure the dialogue with national and international institutions and organisations
  2. Coordinate the activities and ensure their execution, in compliance with set arrangements and procedures in order to achieve the intervention objectives.
    1. - Coordinate, implement and monitor the activities linked to the private sector involvement
  3. Build Capacities of partners entities to contribute to the improvement of their organisation, their processes and systems and of their staff’s competences
    1. - Assess the maturity of management of the involved private sector entities
    2. - Advise partner entities on actions to be taken to improve their management as well as how to implement these actions
    3. - Facilitate the change process

Level of Education Required for the Job

Master's degree.   

Specific competences or knowledge required

  • At least 5 years of professional experience in private sector development, business support or other related fields
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in skills development, development of sectoral policies, TVET or youth employment

Specific competences or knowledge considered an asset:

  • Good knowledge of ICT applications
  • Experience with (public procurement, grants...) contract systems and tools or administrative management.


Good knowledge of Arabic and English 

How to Apply

Apply here on-line with an application letter and your updated CV, at the latest by 03/01/2021.

Only applications that are registered here via our on-line portal will be considered.