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Social Worker (Female) - Educaid

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Social Worker (Female)

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About Educaid

EducAid is an International Non-Governmental Organization established in Italy in March 2000 and recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It supports Persons with Disabilities in various countries, including the Occupied Palestinian Territories, through interaction with associations, social enterprises and enthusiastic individuals ethically involved in the educational and social work. Its mission is to prevent and reduce the disadvantages and obstacles of individuals with disabilities or those who live in social and cultural difficulties. Additionally, EducAid seeks to build the capacity of the individuals and institutions in terms of education through different means but most notably through building an educational system where all the resources present in the community coverage to avoid entrusting education. Furthermore, EducAid aims to ensure the ultimate respect of Human Rights, in particular the rights of children, Persons with Disabilities, minority groups and to encourage policies oriented to gender equality.

About Independent Living Center

The Independent Living Center (ILC) was established by EducAid in Gaza in May 2018 within the framework of the project “I-CAN: Independence, Capability, Autonomy, iNclusion”, funded by Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – AICS, and implemented by EducAid in partnership with several Italian and local partners. Goal: the ILC model is aiming at improving the autonomy and independency levels for those in need especially the PWDs through provision of personalized individual and group-collective counseling, empowerment, occupational therapy sessions and adapting, fixing and creating some assistive devices and tools to improve their independency level. Besides, developing the socio-economic status of PWDs, in particular of Women with Disabilities, through guide, promote and facilitate the access to education and decent work in addition to increasing the awareness of the PWDs on their rights and promoting for the economic, social and cultural participation, with equal opportunities in the Palestinian society. The main units of the ILC are including but not limited to: the social working unit; the peer counseling unit; the occupational therapy unit; the help desk unit; the architecture unit;  the assistive devices workshop unit.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Address the beneficiary’s physical, emotional, economic and educational challenges by making individual meetings, initial assessments, and/or home visits or by recommending other data collection resources. 
  2. Conduct a simple and deep assessment, initial, mid-term and final assessment, for each beneficiary. 
  3. The Social Worker in cooperation with a multidisciplinary team member such as Peer Counselors, Occupational Therapists and Architect should work to evaluate the level of autonomy and independency and other related issues for each beneficiary in order to submit an individualized intervention plan accordingly. 
  4. Lead the process of developing intervention plans and beneficiaries intervention projects, ensuring that activities/goals are met the beneficiaries needs and priorities and project objectives are achieved.
  5. Prepare a complete profile for each prospective beneficiary alongside determination the support that is required to help the PwDs to achieve goals. 
  6. Link and guide the beneficiaries to get the required services through a referral system, if not offered by the (ILC). 
  7. The Social Worker is in charge of following up with PwD to make sure that their situation has improved in terms of autonomy, independency, awareness and wellbeing. 
  8. The Social Worker evaluates provided services regularly to confirm that the project is still meeting the needs of the PwDs. 
  9. Participate in the implementation of psychosocial activities in cooperation with EducAid Team (competition, campaign, group training sessions, refreshment courses, workshops and other scientific events). 
  10. Participate in preparing the Pre and Post-assessment in addition to the satisfaction report for each beneficiary. 
  11. Maintain filing of community based activities based on the filing system agreed with the disability coordinator 
  12. Support and facilitate the completion of regular reports and keep a diary of current and future activities. 
  13. Ensure that accurate and sufficient documentation and retrieve any required documentation. 
  14. Coordinate with the disability coordinator and team members in setting up the intervention plan and developing the beneficiary project to ensure a multidisciplinary approach in services planning and delivery
  15. Provide immediate psychosocial response, if needed, to PwDs including psychosocial support visits; Psychological First Aid and Psychosocial need assessments. 
  16. Implement the psychosocial capacity building programs including selection, training and supervision


Required degree: Bachelor Degree in Human Rights, Social Work or relevant field

Required experience: 

  1. A minimum of 5 years’ experience in social work, preferably in the relevant of PWDs, NGOs or DPOs
  2. In-depth knowledge in the field of disability and, in particular, peer counseling techniques and rehabilitation approach;
  3. Participate to the selection and contextualization of the modalities of intervention in compliance with ILC technical framework.
  4. Experience in individual, family and group counseling sessions for PWDs 
  5. Experience related to psychosocial assessment. 
  6. Experience in community psycho-education and training. 
  7. Communication and facilitation skills are key factor to this position. 
  8. Strong commitment to learning new skills and willingness to be accompanied toward the achievement of new competencies. 
  9. Clear commitment to the project thematic. 
  10. Ability to communicate any technical or non-technical topic with clarity and to share any important project information with the team 
  11. Excellent writing skills and Computer skills (Excel, Word, Power Point) 
  12. Arabic and English (both written and spoken) 
  13. Reporting and data collection skills, both qualitative and quantitative 
  14. Background in project cycle management, especially logical frameworks 
  15. Background in disability context in the Gaza
  16. A demonstrated understanding of local and international laws, in particular of Human Rights and UNCRPD.
  17. Leadership skills and strong motivation

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should submit a full CV with a cover letter explaining their motivation in applying for the job and highlighting their relevant skills and experience through Apply Now - تقدم الآن لهذه الوظيفة no later than 22th  November 2020 at 12:00 Palestinian time. Applications that do not meet the specified minimum requirements, or are received after the closing date, will not be eligible.

  • Applications from candidates with disabilities are especially welcome, and women are encouraged to apply.
  • All applications will be handled in strict confidence.