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React Native Developer - Work Without Borders

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React Native Developer

Technology Co., in Saudi Arabia in Cooperation with Work Without Borders -Palestine-Gaza, announces its need for a  (React Native Developer) according to the conditions described below.

Job Requirements :

  1. BA/BS in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering or Related
  2. A record of successful delivery of software applications a Senior front end Developer, or Experience with developing large-scale web applications.
  3. Deep understanding of JavaScript fundamentals and common techniques.
  4. 2-5 years of experience are required, +1 year experience in developing web / mobile apps.
  5. Strong experience in React and it's an ecosystem.

Strong experience in the next technologies and libraries:

  • React-router
  1. Strong experience in React-Native and a good understanding of how it working on a fundamental level
  2. The most common modules that deal with native components such as react-navigation, react-native-animatable, react-native-fcm, react-native-camera, and react-native-video.
  3. All linking steps and build steps for android and IOS.
  4. Good experience in git and (npm or yarn)
  5. Building tools and module-bundlers such as Webpack and babel + ( Gulp or Grant )


  • Monthly Salary: dependent on qualifications.
  • Employment Type: First 3 months of the year contract are trial .
  • Full Time .
  • Deadline is Sunday : 15/11/2020

How to Apply