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Project Coordinator - Qatar Red Crescent

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Project Coordinator

  • Position Title: Project Coordinator


  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 12 Month
  • Type: Full Time


For QRC to be effective in achieving its mission of providing emergency and humanitarian assistance, a highly integrated dynamic team approach to program operations is essential.  Effective program implementation requires integrated field operations; financial and procurement services; monitoring, evaluation, reporting and analysis capability; support services; and strategic management coordination. Therefore, QRC requires a highly participatory, team approach, for successful implementation.  Each position must be considered as an integral part of an overall Team operation.  The project coordinator is one of the integral positions.


  1. Participate in the formulation of annual plans, programs, project proposals and concept notes and budgets.
  2. Reports to the QRCS Gaza Strip Programs Manager, responsible for the day-to-day operation of QRC Projects in Gaza Strip.
  3. As appropriate and feasible, assist Gaza Strip Programs Manager to develop and monitor budgets for the programmatic operations of the Gaza Strip projects.
  4. Under the overall direction of the QRC Gaza Strip Programs Manager, responsible for the development and implementation of projects and grant activities in Gaza Strip including:
  5. Coordination of needs assessment as needed and agreed upon by QRC Gaza Strip Programs Manager;
  6. Organize and assure participation of beneficiary organizations throughout projects development phase and needs assessments;
  7. Coordination of projects’ selection and review process;
  8. Ensure selected grant activities address QRC requirements and findings of relevant needs assessments;
  9. Direct the work priorities and distribution of assignments within the QRC Gaza Strip projects;
  10. Ensure goals established for Gaza Strip projects are achieved (geographical spread, marginalized groups, pipeline flow, speed, quality, etc.);
  11. Responsible for effective and on-going monitoring and evaluation of projects under implementation;
  12. Alert Gaza Strip Programs Manager to any significant deviations from the agreed project implementation plans and propose possible solutions, including modifications or amendments to the project agreement;
  13. Ensure that all projects are successfully completed and properly closed-out
  14. Provide timely and accurate information to QRC including Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting and Analysis components.
  15. Prepare periodic reports of activities on the assigned field highlighting the key achievements, challenges and planned activities for the period under review.
                    Perform any other duties as assigned by the QRC Representative


  1. A bachelor’s degree in a health-related field; most preferably medical engineering or pharmacy, with strong post qualification experience (minimum 5 years in project management)
  2. Experience in designing, implementing, and monitoring/evaluating programs
  3. Strong reporting, proposal writing and representation skills. 
  4. Strong communication skills, with excellent written and spoken English.
  5. Experience of a flexible approach to managing and prioritizing a high workload and multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines. 
  6. Strong experience of representation at all levels, specially, with local and International counterparts. 
  7. Confident and proficient in the use of MS Office. 
  8. Experience of proactively identifying and addressing issues. 
  9. An understanding of and commitment to QRCS’s mission and values.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send their resume with a cover letter to the following email address
 not later than Sunday 29/11/2020 at 2 PM.