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Project Assistant - GGateway

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Project Assistant - GGateway

Job Vacancy: Project Assistant (Direct Assistant) 

  • Position: Project Assistant (Direct Assistant)
  • Department: People and Impact
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Supervisor: Impact/Project Officer
  • Supervision: Suppot Assistant
  • Starting Date: ASAP
  • Duration: One Year with possibility of extension
  • Application Closing date: 28 November 2020 11:00 pm Palestine Time

1. Background

GGateway is the first ICT Outsourcing Social Enterprise in Gaza Strip with a hybrid innovative business model that has a well-integrated Impact (Social) and Business Arms that works as the first end-to-end solution from education to employment. GGateway exists to contribute to the Gaza strip economic growth by expanding business opportunities and professional capacity while its business and social objectives are two halves of a single solution.

GGateway was awarded a grant for an E-work project within the emergency Gaza project - cash for work and support for freelancing implemented by the NGO development Centre & funded from the World Bank. The project is targeting to train 360 beneficiaries on 2 rounds by having 2 months of intensive technical, freelancing & employability, and English writing training in each round followed by 6 months of a hosting phase in co-working hosting spaces.

2. Scope of Work / Description of The Assignment

The Direct Assistant's responsibilities include working closely with project staff to prepare comprehensive action plans, including resources, timeframes and budgets for projects. The Direct Assistant will perform various coordinating tasks, like scheduling and daily follow-up, along with administrative duties, like maintaining project documentation and handling financial queries. To succeed in this role, the Direct Assistant should have excellent time management and communication skills, as he/she will collaborate with donors and internal teams to deliver results on deadlines.

3. Objectives

• General Objective:

Support ensuring the achievement of the overall goals of impact project in coordination with relevant staff members

• Specific Objective(S):

Ensure that implementation of impact project activities are carried out in accordance with the plan set forth by relevant stakeholders

4. Tasks

In accordance with the donor’s and the Enterprise policy and procedures, the Direct Assistant is responsible of the following tasks:

  1.  Coordinate project management activities, resources, equipment and information
  2.  Break projects into doable actions and set timeframes
  3.  Liaise with donors to identify and define requirements, scope, and objectives
  4.  Assign tasks to internal teams and take lead with schedule management
  5.  Make sure that donors’ needs are met as the project evolves
  6.  Organize, attend and participate in stakeholder meetings
  7.  Document and follow up on important actions and decisions from meetings
  8.  Prepare necessary presentation materials for meetings
  9.  Provide administrative support as needed
  10.  Help prepare budgets
  11.  Analyze risks and opportunities
  12.  Support project procurement management
  13.  Monitor project progress and handle any issues that arise
  14.  Act as the point of contact and communicate project status to all participants
  15.  Work with the Project staff to eliminate blockers
  16.  Use tools to monitor working hours, plans, and expenditures
  17.  Initiate/prepare all appropriate legal paperwork (e.g. contracts and terms of agreement)
  18.  Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, plans, and reports
  19.  Ensure standards and requirements are met through conducting quality assurance tests
  20.  Any other duties related to the scope of this position assign by direct supervisor

5. Required Expert Qualifications & Expertise

All staff of the Enterprise is expected to work with a high level of professional standards and commitment, modelling the teamwork, open-mindedness and commitment in favour of its beneficiaries and to demonstrate dedication to the education and success of Gaza’s graduates. The qualifications listed below are strict, and no application will be considered without these qualifications met in full.

The application and recruitment process will verify each of the following requirements:

  1.  University degree in IT, Management or any field related to the nature of this position. This condition can be waived if relevant practical experience is sufficient
  2.  At least 2 years of work experience in management field
  3.  Understanding of the social, political, and economic context of Palestinian territories, especially in the Gaza Strip
  4.  Understanding of the development assistance field, including international non-governmental organizations and funding agencies regulations
  5.  Ability to produce timely, detailed outputs, exercising sound judgment/analysis, with creative solutions to follow through and report on complex plans.
  6. Excellent organizational skills, including ability to balance multiple tasks.
  7.  Professional communication and critical thinking skills to understand and specify the company’s solution requirements.
  8.  Aware of online freelancing culture and initiatives in the Gaza Strip
  9.  Excellent communication skills in English and Arabic
  10.  Having freelancing work experience is highly preferred
  11.  Proficiency in MS Office
  12.  Ambition, perseverance, discipline, flexibility when approaching work challenges.

  • Duration: One Year with possibility of extension

  • Application Closing date: 28 November 2020 11:00 pm Palestine Time

How to Apply:

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