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Finance Manager - GGateway

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Finance Manager

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  • Position Title:  Finance Manager
  • Grade/Level of Effort: Full-Time
  • Duration: 3 years+ with 3 Months’ probation period (This position is Core and will be sustain often availability of fund\revenue). 
  • Start Date: Nov, 15th, 2020                                            
  • Location: Gaza
  • Supervisor: Senior Management
  • Supervision: GGateway Accountant Officer

GGateway Background 

GGateway is a Private IT outsourcing company and social enterprise with the mission to develop Gaza’s human capital potential, particularly disadvantaged youth. It is a women-led organization that maintains a high-level of female beneficiaries. GGateway is central to the Gazan software development ecosystem – training university graduates and providing skilled workers to technology companies.  GGateway is currently scaling up towards becoming a regional outsourcing hub and wants to expand their outsourcing projects regionally and internationally.  


General Position Summary

This advertisement seeks qualified applications for a Finance Manager (FM).


The Finance Manager (FM) has a crosscutting role between Business and Impact Departments. While the main role of the Finance Manager is to analyze every day financial activities and subsequently provide advice and guidance to upper management on future financial plans. The goal is to enable the GGateway’s leaders to make sound business decisions and meet the company’s objectives.


Under the authority of the Business Director, the Finance Manager (FM) will be responsible for GGateway accounting and financial management. The FM ensures that proper legislation is adhered to, and that the company’s standards are applied in ensuring efficient use of resources.


The accountability to GGateway vision and mission is an essential requirement as well as the commitment to any task related to the GGateway strategic needs.


Reports directly to the GGateway Business Director


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Accounting and Financial Management:


  1. Supervise accountancy procedures: filing of documents, allocation of expenses, vouchers registration, balance checking, etc..;
  2. Make reliable and complete financial information available on time for the upper management and/or donor(s) as requested;
  3. Communicate accounts on a monthly basis to the upper management including the board of directors, respecting the company and/or donor and/or clients procedures and deadlines;
  4. Manage the presentation, circulation, filing and archiving of accounting and financial documents in conformity with the company’s procedures.

Financial Management:

  1. Supervise the company’s in their financial management and provide follow up on their accounting processes according to GG’s internal rules and local regulation;
  2. Set the financial policy and direction of GGateway while also contribute to the organization overall strategy;
  3. Lead all financial administration, and budgeting;
  4. As a member of the leadership team, the Finance Manager works closely with the Business Director and Impact and Partnerships Director and the governance committee of the board of directors.
  5. Provide financial reports and interpret financial information to managerial staff while recommending further courses of action;
  6. Maintain the financial health of the organization;
  7. Analyse costs, pricing, variable contributions, sales results and the company’s actual performance compared to the business plans;
  8. Develop trends and projections for the company’s finances;
  9. Conduct reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities;
  10. Oversee operations of the finance department, set goals and objectives, and design a framework for these to be met;
  11. Manage the preparation of the company’s annual budget;
  12. Liaise with auditors to ensure appropriate monitoring of organization finances is maintained;
  13. Correspond with various other departments, discussing organization plans and agreeing on future paths to be taken.


  1. Open/close bank accounts on the authority of the Board of Directors;
  2. Oversee the management of bank accounts: follow transfers, check balances, check authorized visas;
  3. Supervise the management of safes and cash: available amount, balance checks, security instructions; 
  4. Assess monthly cash-flow needs for projects and communicate cash needs to the upper management;
  5. Manage money transfers, cash-supply and amounts in circulation, whilst defining payment procedures (bank transfer, cheque, cash etc.).

Commitment of expenditure: 

  1. Set up and formalize procedures for the commitment of expenditure, conform to GG procurement guidelines;
  2. Ensure that procedures are adhered to in terms of contracts and payments; 
  3. Ensure that proofs of purchase are valid (contracts, orders, bills, invoices, delivery receipts etc); 

Budget Management:

Ensure budget follow-up: 

  1. Develop tables necessary for financial monitoring and for budget follow up within the mission; 
  2. Analyze gaps between planned budgets and actual expenses; 
  3. Anticipate financial risks;

Develop project budgets:

  1. Develop budgets for project proposals according to project needs and Donor constraints;
  2. Draft financial reports (mid-term and final) respecting contractual deadlines;
  3. Guarantee the respect of Donor procedures for each financial contract. 

Department Follow-up 

  • Team leadership: 

  1. Update the organization chart and ToRs of the finance department according to the mission development;
  2. Oversee the team and undertake appraisals of directly supervised colleagues;
  3. Ensure training and capacity building for finance team members in order to increase the level of technical ability and skills within the department; 

  • Internal Procedures and Information Flows: 

  1. Develop relevant management procedures within the team; 
  2. Improve information flows within the department and with other departments and projects.

Required Qualifications


All staff of the Enterprise are expected to work with a high level of professional standards and commitment, modelling the teamwork, open-mindedness and commitment in favour of its beneficiaries and to demonstrate dedication to the education and success of Gaza’s ICT graduates. 

Professional Qualifications:


  1. Academic and Professional Qualifications:
  2. University degree in Accounting or Finance is required.
  3. Advanced degree in Business Administration or another field related to the Enterprise’s work.

Professional Experience:

  1. 5+ years of solid experience in financial management and monitoring systems, preferably of large development programs, possibly complemented by academic expertise;
  2. Excellent financial and analytical skills;
  3. Excellent communication and drafting skills for effective reporting on company financial performance;
  4. Ability to manage a financial/monitoring team and demonstrate leadership;
  5. Ability to operate Microsoft Word, Excel and Project Management software
  6. Excellent project and people management skills, including social project design and delivery;
  7. Language:  Excellent English and Arabic.

Personal Qualifications:

  1. Excellent project/people management skills, including advanced project management.
  2. Ability to communicate clearly and professionally to assure quality delivery.
  3. Ability to produce timely, detailed outputs, exercising sound judgment/analysis.
  4. Initiative, ambition, patience, perseverance, discipline, and self-directed learning Energetic, initiator and motivated person

How to Apply

To apply for this position please send your CV include three professional references with a Cover Letter to the below Email, no later than 2nd Nov. 2020  04:00 PM 


Application submission requirements :( IMPORTANT)


To be considered, each application must include: (incomplete submissions will not be considered)

  • Email Subject: “Finance Manager (FM)”
  • A one-page cover letter, summarizing the candidate’s experience in English (Name your cover letter as: ( FM_ Cover Letter YOUR FULL NAME)
  • A CV, including any related degrees, certifications and experience (Name your CV as:  (FM_ CV_YOUR FULL NAME)
  • Three professional references.

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be reached out for position test and interview one week from the application closing date.


  • If you face any problem, please address your problem to email: