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Biomedical Engineer - Holy Land Company - HLC

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Biomedical Engineer - Holy Land Company - HLC

Holy Land Company

Job Vacancy

Biomedical Engineer

Holy Land Company (HLC) was established in 1992 with an aim of excellence in mind. It has the HQ in Ramallah. Nowadays, HLC sells in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem. HLD is a pioneer company in selling medical equipment and supplies to labs and medical practitioners almost everywhere in Palestine. HLC holds many international well-known, high quality medical equipment agencies such as: NIHONKOHDEN IVD, ARKARY, NUVE and ACCUVEIN.

HLC is seeking for qualified engineer to fill its vacant position in Gaza ASAP.


Biomedical Engineer – Gaza

Direct Supervisor

HLC manager – Gaza

General Purpose

The Biomedical Engineer – Gaza will be responsible to offer on call maintenance, protective and periodic maintenance, in addition to medical equipment promotions to the local market of Gaza Strip. S/He will be responsible in delivering, installation and training of equipment users onsite and the company premises.

Tasks and Duties

  1.  Offering technical assistance for the company customers in Gaza Strip.
  2.  Provide the required on-call, protective and periodic maintenance of the delivered equipment to customers.
  3.  Promoting and marketing the biomedical equipment of the company in Gaza Strip.
  4.  Keeping continuous contact with clients and expand the beneficiaries.
  5.  Preparing maintenance reports and keep tracking of markets needs up to date.
  6.  Other assigned tasks by the company management or technical division.

Experience and Qualifications

  1.  Holding minimum B.Sc. in Biomedical engineering, electronic engineering, or electromechanical engineering from accredit university.
  2. Minimum 3-4 proven years’ experience in biomedical equipment maintenance.
  3.  Minimum 2 proven years’ experience in sales and marketing.
  4.  Proven experience in lab equipment and devices.
  5.  Strong experience in reports and offers writing.

Personal Traits and Skills

  1.  Fluent in English, reading, writing, and speaking.
  2.  Professional in using MS Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ACCESS, etc.).
  3.  High communication and negotiation skills with customers and potential.
  4.  Strong problem-solving skills, and error diagnosis.
  5. Self-motivated and eager to learn and attending dedicated training in/out the country.
  6.  Ability to work under pressure and prompt response to customer requests.
  7.  Valid driving license.

Apply To

Interested candidate for the position to submit his/her CV and cover letter by Saturday Oct 3, 2020 not later than 3:00pm to:


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