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Growth Marketing Specialist - Work Without Borders

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Growth Marketing Specialist

IT Company  in Saudi Arabia in Cooperation with Work Without Borders -Palestine-Gaza , announces its need for a  (Growth Marketing Specialist) according to the conditions described below.


  1. Plan and execute initiatives to reach the target audience through appropriate channels.
  2. Assist in analyzing marketing data (campaign results, conversion rates, etc.) to help in future marketing strategies.
  3. Create and implement marketing strategies to grow the base of the company and coordinate the creation of digital content (e.g. website, blogs, press releases and podcasts).
  4. Collect feedback from customers to improve the experience they have.
  5. Advise the product team on how to improve the customer experience.
  6. Assist in overall monthly and campaign level reporting of marketing KPI performance.
  7. Monitor, analyze, and report on KPIs to ensure marketing initiatives are driving profitable acquisition.
  8. Establish our web presence to boost brand awareness.
  9. Day-to-day management of online and offline campaigns across channels.
  10. Brainstorm and develop ideas for creative digital marketing campaigns.
  11. Regularly track and get insights into competitors' strategies.


  1. Bachelor degree in relevant field
  2. Work experience (minimum 1 year)
  3. Strong analytical skills
  4. Technical skills for working with data.
  5. Entrepreneurial spirit
  6. Excellent Arabic & English written and verbal communication skills


  • Monthly Salary an attractive on merit.
  • Employment Type: First 3 months of the year contract are trial .
  • Full Time .
  • Deadline is Monday: 24/08/2020.

How to Apply