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Procurement Specialist - The Palestinian Water Authority (PWA)

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Procurement Specialist

The Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) ــ Project Management Unit in Gaza invites experienced and qualified candidates to apply for the following position in the Project Management Unit (PMU).

Project Background:

Wastewater Management Sustainability (WMS) Project contributes indirectly to the twin objectives of eradicating extreme poverty and sharing prosperity by improving the quality of life of about 400,000 residents in northern Gaza through the provision of wastewater treatment services, including the protection of communities against the risk of floods from uncontrolled wastewater reservoirs, and by creating economic opportunities for productive use of treated effluent, has been designed to finance efficient Operation and Maintenance (O&M) for the North Gaza Wastewater Management Facilities (NGWMF) for four years and build conditions for sustainable wastewater treatment services. The proposed WMS project will provide technical and financial resources to prevent the collapse of the NGWMF and continue the operation of the facilities at design capacity, while building a long-term technical, institutional and financial capacity to operate and maintain wastewater services.  It will finance efficient O&M for four years (excluding electricity), and required rehabilitation of equipment and civil works at the NGWMF to guarantee performance at design capacity. The Project is financed by the World Bank Group, with total amount of 13.7 M USD, funds the Project.

PWA will be the implementing entity for the project with fiduciary responsibilities, it will ensure the early participation of the CMWU at the technical level to support the gradual transfer of O&M to the CMWU.

Project Components

  1. Component 1: Support the continued operation of the NGWMF (US$7.1 million).
  2. Component 2: Rehabilitation and upgrade of the NGWMF to improve efficiency build resiliency and address emergencies (US$3.4 million).
  3. Component 3: Capacity building for sustainability of wastewater services (US$2.2 million).
  4. Component 4: Project management and implementation support (US$1.0 million).
  5. Component 5: Contingency Emergency Response Component (US$0.0 million).

Assignment Objective:

The PWA is considering the appointment of a qualified Procurement Specialist knowledgeable of World Bank Procurement Regulations who will be responsible for:(i) providing support the team in procurement activities under the project, (ii) planning and processing all procurement to be carried out under the Project, (iii) monitoring the   implementation of the   procurement    plan, and (iv) providing on-job procurement training to NGWMF’s staff. 


  1. Implement, supervise and monitor the implementation of procurements under the project and ensuring integrity, quality and effectiveness of the procurement procedures to be followed;
  2. Updating the Project Procurement Plan in consultation with the relevant PWA’s PMU on a periodic basis throughout project implementation to reflect actual project implementation requirements;
  3. Develop all administrative systems related to procurement.
  4. Determining the procurement method to be used based on the size of the package in accordance with World Bank Procurement Regulations and the National Procurement procedures applicable to the project;
  5. Assisting in the preparation of consultants’ terms of reference and administration of their contracts, including processing contract amendments;
  6. Drafting bid notices and bidding documents for inviting and obtaining bids for works, goods and services in accordance with World Bank Procurement Regulations;
  7. Drafting requests for expressions of interest and request for proposals (RFPs) for inviting and obtaining consultants’ services in accordance with World Bank Procurement Regulations;
  8. Assisting in revising the established procedures for receiving and opening of bids/proposals, ensuring adherence to the evaluation criteria stipulated in the bidding documents/RFPs in a professional and timely manner;
  9. Maintaining complete procurement documentation for each contract, both in hard copy and in STEP (the World Bank’s new System for Tracking Exchanges in Procurement) including bidding documents, advertisements, bids received, bid evaluations, letters of acceptance, contract agreements, securities, related correspondence, etc., in an orderly manner,  readily available for audit;
  10. Preparing procurement reports when needed showing the status of ongoing procurement, including a comparison of planned and actual dates of the procurement actions, including preparation of bidding documents, advertising, bidding, evaluation, contract award and completion time for each contract;
  11. Preparing correspondence required for requesting, through the Project Manager and PMU Director, the World Bank approval/”no-objection” of the proposed procurement steps/decisions, through STEP or email, as required;
  12. Working with PWA procurement staff to enhance the procurement capacities of NGWMF staff through on-job training; and
  13. Performing other duties as may be assigned by the Project Manager and PMU Director.

Reporting responsibilities

The Procurement Specialist will be housed at the PMU Office in Gaza, and will be accountable to the Project Manager and PMU Director.

Essential Required Qualifications, Skills, knowledge and Competencies:

  1. At least A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in Business Administration, Procurement, Purchasing Management, Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Finance, Engineering or any other related field;
  2. At least 5 years of relevant experience on projects financed by international agencies; experience implementing projects following World Bank Procurement Guidelines is a plus;
  3. Good knowledge of the local procurement procedures, and the national rules and legislations in the field of civil construction/engineering;
  4. Strong supervisory and staff support skills. Ability to motivate and lead employees and encourage decisions to be made within a team environment;
  5. Good knowledge of technical and operational aspects of procurement implementation;
  6. Strong sense of integrity is essential;
  7. Fluent in spoken and written English and high computer literacy (Microsoft, Excel and other software), and; Strong communication and reporting skills and ability to work in a team;

Time Frame and Contract

The duration of the assignment is one year Extendable as demand necessity, on a full-time basis. The expected start date for the position is 1st September 2020.


The CV’s and the supporting documents should be sent before 04/08/2020, to the email address below:


For more clarification please don’t hesitate in contacting the US during working hours (8:00 am-15:00pm).

Tel: 08 2644071

Mobile: 0599267113

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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