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Business Developer Specialist - PFESP

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Business Developer Specialist - PFESP

  • Position Title: Business Developer specialist
  • Location: Palestinian fund for Employment and Social Protection / Gaza  office.
  •  Duration: 6 months.


The Palestinian Fund for Employment and Social Protection of Workers (PFESP), which was established by a virtue of the Presidential Decree number (9) article (1) of 2003 as a national autonomous legal entity that is created to promote sustainable development in Palestine through implementing programs aiming to generate employment opportunities, its establishment was based on a feasibility study conducted by the International Labor Organization (ILO). 

Peace Steps is a project funded by Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. The project is carried out jointly by the main application Vento Di Terra, and the Palestinian counterpart; The Palestinian Fund for Employment and Social Protection for Workers. The main objective of this project is to promote a sustainable and inclusive socio-economic growth in Palestine, and mainly to strengthen and spread practices of Social and Solidarity Economy guaranteeing job and development opportunities which are fair, responsible and sustainable for youth and women of the Bedouin communities and marginalized areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  

The Business developer will carry out the Business development services and follow up services required to achieve the requirements and activities of PEACE Steps project in Gaza, in addition to other tasks.

Methodology and scope of work

Under this section, the proposed methods for organizing the trainings/workshops on mentoring and positive youth development for change agents will be identified. Under the supervision and in close co-operation with the Technical Services Department seniors the coordinator will implement the following tasks:

Creation of the methodology and training/workshop schedule, based on the assessment document:

  1. Interactive, engaging teaching matters ex. Discussions, games, activities.
  2. Based on the assessment, drafting the methodology and training/workshop schedule and submission to the TS department seniors;
  3. Finalizing the methodology and training/workshop schedule;

Conducting the trainings/workshops:

  1. Selection of the training/workshop dates in coordination with the TS department seniors.
  2. Based on the adopted methodology and training/workshop schedule, conducting the training/workshop;
  3. Conduct the evaluation of the training/workshop;
  4. Report on the conducted trainings/workshops.

Follow up activities:

All the beneficiaries will have follow up activities, as visits, consultations, especially the ones who seeking fund after trainings.

Duration and time frame

Work plan for 6 months will be developed for implementing trainings/workshops and other activities that will articulate the overall requirements of the ToR including proposed methodology with clear timeframe upon deliverables.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Identify training action plans and development needs in full coordination with the T.S department according to the requirement of the project.
  2. Design and expand training and development programmes based on the needs of the project and the beneficiaries
  3. Manage the delivery of training and development programmes and evaluate them.
  4. work in a team to produce programmes that are satisfactory to all relevant parties.
  5. Facilitate target groups meetings and follow up/control the target group progress.
  6. Prepare Need assessments and implement activities according to the needs of every project.
  7. The ability to develop innovative programs and products which have a better effective in business and self-employment sector.
  8. Conduct field visits and activities according to the needs to provide technical and logistical assistance for the beneficiaries to provide consultations to tackle any problems facing their businesses, based on their business plans.
  9. Beneficiaries follow up according to pre-planned timeframe to guarantee effective performance and optimum efficiency.
  10. Participation in developing networking, cooperation and effective communications mechanisms with the main stakeholders in business, Self-Employment and entrepreneurships.
  11. Participation in developing Technical assistance mechanisms for beneficiaries in business, Self-Employment and entrepreneurships sector.
  12. Participation in development mechanisms to develop existed business in merging them in the local, national and international markets.
  13. Participation in developing a special program to promote and increase the awareness of importance of Small business, Self-Employment and entrepreneurships.

Qualifications, Competencies and Skills Requirements:

  1. Minimum university degree in Business, Accounting, Social Science, Engineering or another relevant field;
  2. Extensive experience (at least 7 years) experience in capacity building and implementing trainings/workshops.
  3. Extensive experience (at least 7 years) experience in Consultation, SMEs or/and Business Planning or/and Marketing and Fundraising.
  4. Extensive experience (at least 7 years) in projects coordination and implementation.
  5. Ability to provide accurate data about economic sectors with high priority based in the market and business area’s needs, to identify investment opportunities at the level of SMEs. 
  6. Extensive knowledge of civil society sector in Palestine.   
  7. Demonstrated high level of professionalism and ability to work independently and in high pressure situations under tight deadlines.
  8. Excellent inter-personal communication skills including experience of facilitation of trainings/workshops and presentation.
  9. Proven and demonstrated broad knowledge of and ability to utilize principles, methods, techniques and systems of project management.
  10. Ability to participate and work in teams.
  11. Advanced skills in using office package as (MS Word, MS Project, PowerPoint, Excel).
  12. Excellent communication, and written skills in English and Arabic.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should send their CV and a cover letter no later than August  12th , 2020 to the following email:

  • Please indicate the position title in the email subject line.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.