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مطلوب منسقة مشروع - الاتحاد العام للصناعات الفلسطينية

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مطلوب منسقة مشروع - الاتحاد العام للصناعات الفلسطينية

مطلوب منسقة مشروع - الاتحاد العام للصناعات الفلسطينية

Position Title Female Project Coordinator (Full-time)
Location Gaza Strip 
Report to Executive manager 
Project Duration 10-month, starting date: 1 Aug 2020 10
مدة المشروع يبدأ من  01/08/2020

PFI was established in 1999 as a private sector institution, as well as national institution that represents the industrial sector in Palestine through specialized industrial federations. The PFI follows the law of the Palestinian Federation of Industries and specialized industrial unions No (2) for the year 2006. The main role of the General Union is to qualify and train members, represent them effectively and defend their interests, develop effective policies to promote the industrial sector and developing the local economy. PFI has a mission to support the Palestinian national industries and protect them against dumping and unfair competition through the following tools: Development of the national industries by orienting domestic and foreign investments and introducing modern industrial systems. Regulating of industrial activity in accordance with the type of industrial production through specialized unions and provide them with the necessary support. Endeavor to raise the competitiveness of the national industrial products.

PFI, in partnership with UNDP, will start a project entitled “Employment Generation for Young Gazan Women” on mid-June 2020 and for a period of 9 months. The project will be implemented in collaboration with and the support of the UNDP. The project idea focuses in the integration of women in the industrial sector from the fact that there are a large number of women graduates and others who are unable to find a source of income for their families and the goal is to eliminate unemployment in a different and unorthodox manner, through qualification and training them in theory and practice on the various production lines in the factories, It aims to enhance abilities and skills of the target women with specific technical and soft skills, support and empower women directly to serve the growth and development of SME’s from industrial companies through a base of partnership and mutual benefit. Merge them in the industrial sub-sector, increase combination opportunities between the industrial establishments and the new women business through effective guidance. The project will include capacity building activities for the target group. The training program will target 20 women to provide soft skills and group work. These skills will enable the women to function and team up with industrial companies administrative and owners to create productive, innovative and combined work environment. PFI through the incubator will recruit trainers to provide training and coaching services different fields of the training.

The training will include methodological skills to engage with technical problems, how to address those problems, and how to find better solutions in the participation of the industrial companies in each step.

Therefore, PFI is looking for a competent and experienced Female project coordinator to work in the project. The project coordinator will be responsible for coordinating the project activities, rendering timely support for the project team, coordinating and liaising with partners including the project partner (UNDP). The project coordinator should work in compliance with PFI values, rules, and regulations. she will work under the direct supervision of PFI Executive manager. 

Main Tasks and Responsibilities: 

  1. Responsible for the daily follow of the project activities in accordance with the project plans and reference documents. 
  2. Prepare a detailed action plan and responsible for monitoring the implementation of these plans in coordination with the direct supervisor.
  3. Render timely support for the project staff under his direct supervision and ensure the effective management of resources to serve the objectives of the project in compliance with PFI rules and regulations. 
  4. Plan for and implement regular field visits to monitor project progress and make adjustments as necessary and in coordination with the direct supervisor to ensure the successful completion and achievement of results.  
  5. Ensure the proper and quality preparation and organization for the field visits by the project partners and prepare presentations on project progress. 
  6. Represent PFI in meetings with the project partners and provide feedback that would help PFI and partners make the rights decisions. 
  7. Review and improve all project documents and forms such as beneficiary targeting forms, MOUs with beneficiaries and TORs for service provision. 
  8. Manage relations with the external consultants including follow up for the implemented consultancy assignments and provide feedback and recommendations to improve performance. 
  9. Coordinate and liaison with the project partner (UNDP) and ensure the timely and effective exchange of information and feedback to promote project results.  
  10. Ensure the proper documentation of the project activities and develop the necessary forms and records to ensure the smooth and timely sharing of information. 
  11. Prepare regular progress reports, interim and final narrative reports with high quality and in a timely manner.
  12. Provide a close follow up for the project expenditures to ensure the effective and appropriate utilization of funding.
  13. Document all project findings, outcomes and recommendations to help PFI in its future project development planning. 
  14. Perform any other tasks as requested by the direct supervisor.

Essential Experiences and Competencies: 

  1. At least BA in project management, economic development, or any other relevant fields. 
  2. Minimum 3 years of experience as a project coordinator for “Employment Generation for Young Gazan Women” projects & Females Empowerment Economic Programs.
  3. Minimum 5 years of experience in working with NGOs or INGOs in coordinating humanitarian projects that support Young Women.
  4. Proven experience in the field of economic empowerment, especially related to Industrial Sectors. 
  5. Strong knowledge of project cycle management and core humanitarian standards (CHS)
  6. Excellent written and spoken English Language. 
  7. Strong reporting skills and ability to prepare quality narrative reports.
  8. Strong time management skills and ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.  
  9. Highly organized, reliable attention to details, and ability to work independently or in team as necessary. 
  10. Mature work practices, highly motivated and able to make sound judgments. 
  11. Advance computer literacy. 
  12. Strong team management and problem-solving skills. 
  13. Good understanding and commitment to PFI core values and principles. 

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume with personal photo and cover letter to:

 no later than 18 July 2020 and kindly include the job title in the subject line. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

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