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Media Coordinator

Gaza Emergency Cash for Work and Self-Employment Support Project

NGOs Development Center (NDC)
  • Institution: Business and Technology Incubator (BTI)
  • Project Title: Login
  • TOR #2020/6


Business and Technology Incubator (BTI) at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) has received a grant from the World Bank for the project entitled: Login Project. This project aims at enhancing cross border self-employment opportunities for young graduates in Gaza Strip. The project comes within the Gaza Emergency Cash for Work and Self-Employment Support Project, which implemented through the NGO Development Center (NDC) funded by the world bank. Accordingly, BTI seeks the selection and employment of a qualified Media Coordinator.

Assignment Objective:

BTI is considering the selection of highly qualified Media Coordinator to be part of the management team of ‘Login’ project which will cooperate in the implementation of some of the main project activities. The media coordinator will be responsible for leading the overall media and communication work to ensure the outreach and visibility of the project activities locally and internationally.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

The Project Media Coordinator will be required to carry out the following tasks under the direct supervision of the project manager:
  1. Follow up and supervise the production and dissemination of publicity material, publications and promotional/documentation videos;
  2. Write, edit and draft all project media materials, including: media reports, brochures, invitations and event announcements, flyers, banners, and documentary photos/films in English and Arabic;
  3. Write regular updates and press releases in both languages, Arabic and English for the project different activities and events;
  4. Write and publish success stories of project’s participants both in Arabic and English;
  5. Participate in drafting projects’ factsheets, and presentations;
  6. Update BTI’s social media networks and website with project’s photos, videos, invitations, announcements and publications;
  7. Ensure documentation and submit reports to project manager covering the media aspect of the project;
  8. Participate in all project’s activities;
  9. Perform any other tasks requested by the project manager.


  1. 1. At least Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Engineering, Business Administration, or any related discipline from a recognized university. (Master degree is preferable);
  2. 2. Minimum of two years of professional experience in the field of media, communications, advocacy, and public relations;
  3. 3. At least three years working in NGOs, preferably in the entrepreneurship and freelancing fields;
  4. Proven experience in using social media and digitalization.


  1. High proficiency in spoken and written Arabic and English languages
  2. Excellent interpersonal, networking and communication both in written and in verbal.
  3. Ability to master new methodologies and experiences quickly.
  4. Effective report writing and analytical skills.
  5. Ability and flexibility to work within a team, and under high pressure to meet deadlines.
  6. Advanced multitasking and time-management skills.
  7. Excellent knowledge of video, audio and photo production processes and formats.
  8. Advanced skills in using social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  9. Good skill in graphic design is an asset.

  • Job Title: Media Coordinator – Full time
  • Place of work: BTI– The Islamic University of Gaza.
  • Contract Type: Time-Based Contract.
  • Start Date: As soon as possible
  • Duration of Employment: July 2020 – Oct. 2021

Application Process:

The candidates who meets the above required qualifications, experiences and skills are invited to send their updated CVs including relevant work experience and motivation letters (Max. 1 page) via email to
no later than Wedensday, June 24th, 2020 at 3:00 PM.

The selection process follows the World Bank recruiting policies and procedures. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.