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Capacity Development & Chef

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Capacity Development & Chef

The Economic & Social Development Center of Palestine (ESDC) funding by Spanish Agency for International Development (AECID), is implementing the project "Enhancing the income of fishers’ households through sustainable ice production and creation of business opportunities in Dair Al-Balah – Gaza”.  The project aims to improve the livelihoods of those in Dair al Balah who depend on fishing as their main source of income within a family-based approach where youth and women benefit from the intervention and use it as a tool for their economic and social empowerment. Through this project, a kitchen will be established for the wives of fishermen.

This kitchen uses the fish that is caught during the night and women will clean the fish, or prepare it cooked for the local market. It is a promising source of income for fishers’ families. The women who will operate the kitchen will be trained with production methods, quality assurance, markets and adequate financial backing. The women will also receive capacity development for running a successful business, accounting, feasibility study, etc. ESDC is currently looking for qualified candidates to fill the position of:

Capacity Development & Chef (1 Position)

Starting date: ASAP

Duration:   4 months

Capacity Development & Chef Tasks:

  1. Design the kitchen with all needed equipment for establishing business; prepare the bill of quantity for the equipments and supervise the installation of the equipment.
  2. Design a proper food menu and prepare the bill of quantity for the operational inputs including row material and other operational inputs like cooking gas and cleaning material.
  3. Conduct technical training on operating the kitchen, food culinary and production methods for 20 women (30 hours).
  4. Conduct managerial training including running a successful business, accounting, feasibility study, etc. for 20 women (8 hours).
  5. Provide Business coaching and training including markets and adequate financial backing for 20 women (8 hours).
  6. Conduct food safety standards and quality assurance training for 20 women (8 hours).
  7. Develop a full business plan for the kitchen project.
  8. Develop operation plan for the kitchen project.
  9. Develop e-marketing (Facebook page).
  10. Helping in making 20 contracts with local markets.
  11. Helping in organizing tasting events.
  12. Supervising the installation and operation of the kitchen.

Required Qualifications:

  1.  Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management or Culinary Arts required (Bachelor’s preferred).
  2. 3+ years’ work experience in training on food culinary and/ or restaurant business.
  3. Technical skills (cooking techniques, including knowing how to cook, store and serve food).
  4. Excellent communication and organization skills.
  5. Marketing Skills.
  6. Able to work in a fast-paced environment.
  7. Dedicated to food quality and control.
  8. Team player & team leadership ability.
  9. Strong knowledge of proper food handling and sanitation standards.
  10. Experience in conducting similar previous works.

How to apply:

Interested applicants must submit:  A resume with three references, and cover letter explaining their suitability for the position.

 Please submit your application by e‐ mail to

, no later than Tuesday, July 7 ,  2020  and include the Job title  in your email subject and cover letter. Applications received after this date or that do not meet the qualifications above will not be considered.

Only short listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.