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ICT Trainers- Call for Applications

Women Affairs Center, WAC, is a women knowledge- based center playing an innovative and catalytic role in empowering women; and advocating women's rights and gender equality in the Palestinian sustainable development process. Its mission reflects that it is an independent and non-profit Palestinian NGO with the purpose of empowering women and advocating women’s rights and gender equality through capacity development, information and innovative research and advocacy programs. While implementing its strategy to fulfill its vision, WAC is guided by international human rights principles including empowerment and participation; equality and non-discrimination; and accountability to ensure justice and dignity for women.

WAC is implementing “Promoting Young Women Employability through Digital Work – (FreelanceGoPinky) ”project which is donated by DanChurchAid/ NorwegianChurchAid (DCA/NCA) under “Economic Empowerment Program”. FreelanceGoPinky project is designed to respond to the high unemployment and poverty rates among a large segment of young women graduates. This is by empowering them to have greater access to decent job opportunities throughout freelance work.

One of the project objectives is to enhance the freelancing skills among the targeted beneficiaries through providing around 7 months of training and coaching. Under this objective WAC in the process of launching the training period which is going to start by June 2020.

Training Topic Training

This advertisement seeks applications of trainers on the following topics:
No. Training Topic Training

  1. Motion Graphic 80 Hours
  2. Digital Marketing 80 Hours
  3. Data Visualization using Python 80 Hours
  4. WordPress Development 80 Hours
  5. Freelancing 30 Hours
  6. Digital Communication 20 Hours

Functions and Responsibilities:

  1.  Participate on the selection of trainees by developing pre-test and being part of the interview committee.
  2.  Capable of conducting online training sessions while required.
  3.  Develop training material and related resources for the training sessions as needed.
  4.  Assess and track trainees progress and give feedback.
  5.  Work with trainees to develop final graduation project.
  6.  Participate on the final evaluation of trainees.
  7.  spending contact time with trainees on an individual or group basis.
  8.  Provide skills and knowledge up to date.
  9.  Develop training final report that reflects the change level of each trainee skills.
  10.  making use of new technology such as distance learning. Professional Qualifications:
  11.  University Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information
  12. Technology, or any other field relevant to the trainer’s field of training experience.
  13.  At least 3 years’ experience in designing and implementing technical trainings and coaching sessions.
  14.  At least 3 years’ vocational experience and up to date knowledge within the chosen training topic.
  15.  Good verbal and written communication skills, proactive with good working attitudes.
  16.  High level of professional standards, and commitment in favor of trainees.
  17.  Demonstrate dedication to the education and success of Gaza’s graduates.


How to Apply:

Interested applicants should send technical and financial offer, as below:

  1. 1. Technical Offer: to include;
    • Trainer Resume
    • Training Methodology
    • Training Outlines
  1. 2. Financial Offer: submitted in a separate document including hour rate in USD.

No later than June 03, 2020 12:00PM, to the email: 
with the position title and trainer name in the subject line.
Only shortlisted candidates will be reached out.
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