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Plant Manager

  • Plant Manager
  • Position Title: Plant Manager.
  • Job Type: Full time.
  • Location: Khan Younis Wastewater Treatment Plant, Khan Younis.
  • Reports to: Deputy Director for Technical Affairs.
  • Contract Duration: One year (Renewable).
  • Working Schedule: 45 hours/week, 6 days/week.
  • Deadline for submitting applications : 2nd of July ,2020.

Job Summary

The Plant Manager shall be responsible for the overall day to day management of the project, including the operation and control of the different units for power supply, wastewater treatment and sludge handling. Reporting directly to the CWMU, the Plant Manager should have a good technical background, with a sound understanding of the operation and management of wastewater treatment plants.

Essential Functions:

Working with the data gathered from various staff of the plant such as the Deputy Plant Manager, Operations Engineer, SCADA Operators, Laboratory Personnel, Operations and Maintenance Managers and Administrative Manager in order to manage and operate the plant.

Job Description:

  1. Overall responsible for planning, organizing, directing and reviewing all activities related to the operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant.
  2. Oversees the working schedules of all site mechanical and electrical maintenance and repair works, all according to the Operations and Maintenance Manuals.
  3. Develops and supervises the application of techniques and methods in various process controls to increase the efficiency of the facilities operation.
  4. Reviews comprehensive reports and provides detailed information and recommendations to CMWU and where required, other public bodies/agencies when necessary.
  5. Prepares the annual operation budget for the wastewater treatment plant and manages funds received.
  6. Reviews all plans for upgrades.
  7. Directs research and development in the areas of new processes or techniques.
  8. Oversees all analytical work within the laboratory and the recording of all analytical results and to ensure compliance with the required standards relating to the discharge of the effluent.
  9. Prepares comprehensive reports necessary to provide information as required by local, state or national regulatory agencies.
  10. Provides solutions in the more difficult technical or public relations problems.
  11. Conducts facility tours as required.
  12. Supervises and coordinates the activities of the plant operators and maintenance staff including training, scheduling and written performance evaluations.
  13. Works with employees to correct deficiencies and implements disciplinary procedures. Reviews operation and maintenance work through on the job inspections, conferences and reports.
  14. Provides advice on future system improvements deemed necessary to dispose of expected increases in wastewater flows.
  15. Reviews and studies the operating expenditure of the facilities.
  16. Ensure all mechanics respond to public complaints concerning wastewater overflows and/or odor control and ensure to contact individuals with a solution to the problem.
  17. Prepares health and safety documentation in accordance with Palestinian Regulations and to ensure that they are correctly applied.
  18. To oversee and follow-up on store keeping records with regard to the use and replenishment of spare parts and the general maintenance and servicing of all site vehicles.
  19. Oversees general site maintenance work and site cleanliness.
  20. Oversees the implementation and monitoring of the Site Health and Safety Plan.
  21. Oversees the upkeep of the Site Accident Book.

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in engineering.
  2. Seven (7) years of relevant experience, Three (3) years of which in a managerial position.
  3. The applicant must not be older than 45 years old.
  4. The applicant must be available for full time job.
  5. Knowledge of wastewater treatment plant processes.
  6. Excellent verbal and written command of English language.
  7. Computer proficient (Microsoft Word and Excel etc.).
  8. Capable to work under pressure and with team spirit.
  9. Have good communications skills.
  10. Have engineering association membership.
  11. Good report writing skills.
  12. Lives in Khan Younis Governorate is a plus.
  13. Valid driver’s license is a plus.

Application Submittal

Completed applications are submitted with the following documents attached through the municipality's website: Click Here

  • A copy of academic certificates and transcripts + a copy of the high school certificate.
  • A copy of personal identification (ID, passport).
  • A copy of birth certificate.
  • A copy of driver's license.
  • Copies of experiences + courses + a copy of CV + personal photo.

  • Application Submittal deadline

The deadline for receiving applications is on Thursday, 2nd of July ,2020

  • Important Notes

  1. The results will be published on the municipality's website.
  2. The date of the interviews and other procedures will be announced later on the municipality's website and through SMS that will be sent to the accepted application for the interview exam.
  3. Any application does not meet the requirements will be excluded by a specialized committee.
  4. For inquiries, call the municipality's phone number (115) or mobile number (0597200192) Personnel Affairs Department.

Eng. Alaa M. Al Batta
Mayor of Khan Younis
قد يعجبك أيضا

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