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ASP.NET Core Developer

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ASP.NET Core Developer

Technology Co., in Cooperation with Work Without Borders -Palestine-Gaza , announces its need for a (ASP.NET Core Developer)according to the conditions described below.Those who have the requirements below,fill out the following form:
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  1. Write and maintain ASP.NET Core applications.
  2. Collect, review and analyze user requirements and system specifications.
  3. Provide estimates of the subtasks required to achieve the assigned tasks.


  1. 3+ years of experience in ASP.NET development. Experience in ASP.NET Core C# Development.
  2. 3+ years of experience in designing and implementing RESTful APIs.
  3. Experience in designing schemas for relational databases.
  4. Experience in Git, must be able to work with branches.
  5. Good English language proficiency.

Additional Bonus Experience:

  1. Experience in Clean architecture, domain model design, CQRS.
  2. Experience in development and management of Azure services (Azure AD, Azure Storage, Cosmos DB, Azure Service Bus, Azure SQL Database, Azure App Service).
  3. Experience in Linux server management and deployment of ASP.NET Core applications on Linux.
  4. Experience in agile development and task management tools (JIRA/DevOps).


  1. Monthly Salary: dependent on qualifications.
  2. Employment Type: First 3 months of the year contract are trial .
  3. Full Time .
  4. Deadline is Sunday : 03/05/2020