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Curriculum Development Consultant (CTA Consultant)

University College of Applied Sciences
‘Empowering Students of Computer Maintenance Diploma in the Field of Maintenance of Smart Devices and Tablets’ Project
Terms of Reference
Curriculum Development Consultant (CTA Consultant)


University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) has received a grant from the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) - Education to Work Transition Project/Additional Financing - Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and funded by the World Bank for the project entitled: "Empowering students of computer maintenance diploma in the field of maintenance of smart devices and tablets". This project aims to develop a comprehensive work based program (2 years diploma) in Smart Devices Maintenance specialty that capable of graduating qualified cadres participate in economic and community development in Gaza strip. Accordingly, UCAS seeks the selection and employment of a curriculum development consultant to work in project implementation.

Assignment Objective

This assignment seeks to help UCAS in developing the curriculum of Smart Devices Maintenance program. This task falls within the project objective of developing and delivering labor market (LM)-driven up-to-date curricula. In the meanwhile, it increases the dissemination and adoption of Complex Task Approach (CTA) in response to the followed and approved approach by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

  •  Scope of Work

Targeting Smart Devices Maintenance program at UCAS, the consultant shall perform the following tasks:

  • Build the capacity of UCAS academic development team

Conduct a comprehensive (online or face-to-face) training program about The Standardized Process for Curriculum Development/Complex Task Approach (CTA).

  • Develop the curriculum

Following the CTA approach, the consultant shall guide and closely supervise the updating process of GIS curriculum to match current LM needs.

  • At this stage consultant shall:

  1. Conduct Experts Workers Workshop (EWW)
  2. Conduct a Verification workshop
  3. Develop program profile.
  4. Participate in selecting and managing a qualified team to update targeted curriculum
  5. Deliver final version of all LM driven updated curriculum

  • Design technical development and improvement program

After updating curriculum, consultant shall design a technical-skills upgrading program for technical trainers based on the new competencies within the updated curriculum.

  • Update the developed curriculum after applying it

After developing the curriculum, the consultant shall follow up the feedback from the academic staff and students after implementing the developed curriculum. At this stage, the consultant shall:

  1. Modify the developed curriculum after being tested based on the students and staff feedback by the end of each semester.
  2. Deliver full version of the revised curriculum after the assessment process.


  • 'CTA' training
  • 30 training hours for 15 academic staff members to skill them and enable them to use CTA in curriculum development in UCAS. It should include at least 15 hours of recorded videos suitable for distance training.
  • CTA training manual that includes:
  • Detailed description of Standardized Process and Complex Task Approach (step 2 & 3)
  • Exemplars on complex tasks and Learning situations
  • Pre and post tests with results analysis.

  • Curriculum development
  • Updated Study plan with curriculum mapping for the Smart Devices Maintenance program.
  • Curriculum modules divided over the 4 semesters
  • Learning situations for each module.

  • The technical development and improvement program
  • Capacity building plan for upgrading the technical-skills of the academic staff members within the updated curriculum.

  • Reports
  • Bi-monthly progress reports that demonstrate the status of achievements (3-4 reports)
  • End of mission report, which includes a detailed description for tasks above.

Essential Required Qualifications:

  1. This call for consultancy is only opened for individuals.
  2. PhD degree in IT, Computer Engineering or any related field.
  3. A good and documented experience and practice of complex task approach is a must.
  4. Proven experience in communicating different levels of audiences.
  5. Ability to share knowledge and building the capacity.
  6. Professional in reporting in English and Arabic.
  7. Sense of initiative and ability to work effectively within a team and under pressure.

Time Frame:

From May 2020 to August 2021 with a total level of effort from the consultant of about 40 man-days. September 2020 is the planned due date to deliver the developed curriculum, which would give the opportunity to apply the curriculum and have the feedback from targeted groups within the project's action plan. After finishing the development of the curriculum, the contract of the consultant will continue for 12 months to manage and reflect any feedback from academic department after applying the curriculum.

Contract Type: Lump sum contract


Interested consultant should apply for this assignment by submitting the followings:

  • Updated CV showing the related experiences;
  • Proposed Action Plan for the above assignment with Cost Break-down for the financial offer

Interested consultant should submit their files to the email
no later than Wednesday, April 15, 2020.
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